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Apple Patent Shows a MagSafe Battery Case That Can Power Both iPhone and AirPods

Apple patent. (Image Credit: USPTO)

Apple patent. (Image Credit: USPTO)

The patent from United States Patent and Trademark office had published Apple's patent for a MagSafe cover on October 15.

Apple might be working on a new MagSafe battery case that charges a user’s iPhone as well as their AirPods, a patent filing has indicated. The patent, filed by Apple with the United States Patent and Trademark office shows the folding/folio-like design of the conceptualised case. The US Patent and Trademark application page shows that the patent was published on October 15, and was filed in August 2019. The case has been given a folding design, and it seems to have a battery within.

The patent lists the supposed Apple cover as an ‘accessory device for portable electronic devices.’ It says that the cover is designed to protect the front surface of the electronic device. Further it said that the accessory may include a power supply such as a battery located directly on the cover. The power supply is designed to provide power to the electronic device, and subsequently charge a battery of the electronic device. “The power supply can also provide power to different devices,” the patent filing said, indicating at the supposed cover’s ability to charge AirPods alongside the iPhone.

While one illustration shows that a Smart Battery Case-like functionality, feeding the power to iPhone via the Lightning port, another indicates towards wireless charging via MagSafe magnets. The illustrations also clearly show AirPods holders attached to the case as well. One illustration shows the AirPods holder attached to the front, another shows AirPods holders on the sides of the case.

The patented cover does look like something that Apple users will definitely want, and provides a great new use case for Apple’s MagSafe technology. However, it’s not certain if Apple will ever bring the case to the markets. The company files patents every now and then but hardly ever releases all the technologies it patents.

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