Apple Plans To Produce 2.5 Million Apple Silicon Powered MacBook Laptops By February 2021

Apple Plans To Produce 2.5 Million Apple Silicon Powered MacBook Laptops By February 2021

Apple is set to host an online presentation on November 10 to announce its Apple Silicon-powered MacBook laptops.

Apple is set to host an event on November 10, which will reportedly see the company launch its own Apple Silicon-powered Mac computers. Ahead of Apple's 'One More Thing' online presentation, a report claims that the Cupertino-based giant is intending to produce 2.5 million Apple Silicon powered MacBook laptops by February 2021. This comes as Apple's efforts to end its reliance on Intel chips for MacBook laptops. The report also said that the Apple Silicon chips will be manufactures by TSMC using a five-nanometer fabrication process.

The report from Nikkei Asia says that the initial orders for the first MacBooks to use the Apple Silicon CPU unit are equal to nearly 20 percent of all MacBook shipments in 2019. In 2019, about 12.6 million MacBook units were shipped in total. With the first announcement probably coming on November 10, the Nikkei report said that Apple is slated to introduce other MacBook models using its own CPU in the second quarter of next year. Apple intends to completely end the usage of Intel's CPUs on its MacBook lineup in the next two years.

The Nikkei report further said that Apple is also placing robust orders for older iPhones ahead of the festive season to make up for the shortages in the new iPhone 12 lineup. It said that the demand for the iPhone 12 has been much stronger than Apple anticipated. Further, the company has been hit by supply constraints for some components such as power chips and LiDAR components, making things worse.

Apple has asked suppliers to prepare more than 20 million units of iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and the iPhone XR from October through the end of the year for holiday season and early next year. That is equivalent to more than one-fourth of the orders Apple has placed for the new iPhone 12 series this year - around 75 million to 80 million units.

The Nikkei report also quotes a source as saying that the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and the iPhone XR units assembled after October 2020 will not come with a charging brick or wired earphones.

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