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Apple Releases iOS 15.4: Update Your iPhone Right Now To Unlock With Face ID Without Opening Mask

iOS 15.4 finally brings the ability to unlock your iPhone with a face mask on. (Image Credit: Apple)

iOS 15.4 finally brings the ability to unlock your iPhone with a face mask on. (Image Credit: Apple)

Apple's iOS 15.4 update brings several other new features like a new voice for Siri, an AirTag update, and more. iPhone users can head to their Settings to update to the latest iOS version.

Apple has started rolling out its latest iOS version for iPhones. The iOS 15.4 update brings one of the most awaited feature for iPhone users – the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a face mask to prevent the spread of Covid. The iOS 15.4 update has been in beta since more than a month now, and is now rolling out to end users. iOS 15.4 will come pre-installed in the new iPhone SE 2022 that Apple launched last week. Apart from the new Face ID feature, iOS 15.4 also brings updates to Siri, Live Text integration with Notes and Reminders, new Apple Pay feature, new emojis, and several bug fixes and improvements.

iOS 15.4 can be downloaded by all supported iPhone users already. To download the latest iOS version, users need to go to Settings > General > Software Updates. The iOS 15.4 update is already there and you just need to follow the on-screen instructions to download the latest version of iPhone operating system. Now, let us take a look at what all is new with Apple’s latest iOS update.


The most significant update is one that iPhone users have been waiting for since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The iPhone can now be unlocked with your face mask on. Users can now turn on a Face ID setting that lets the iPhone recognise your face even if you’re wearing a mask. Apple has said that Face ID will scan the eye area for this, so if users wear glasses, they should input different faces for all the different frames they have. To use this feature, users need to go to the Face ID setting on their iPhone and head to Face ID and Passcode where there is a toggle for using Face ID with a mask. It is important to note that this feature only works with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, and users on older iPhones will not be able to use this feature.

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Probably the most important update iOS 15.4 is bringing is the first wave of upgrades to AirTag and the Find My app. Users will now get a pop-up when setting up an AirTag to warn them that tracking someone without consent is a crime. Further, users can no longer disable all warning notifications for unexpected AirTags in your vicinity.


The new iOS 15.4 update also brings a new voice for Apple’s voice assistant Siri. The digital assistant is no longer defaulted to a female voice. Instead, users get to choose Siri’s voice and Apple has added more options with inclusivity. With iOS 15.4, Apple is giving Siri a fifth voice which is designed to be more gender neutral. Head to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Voice. The new voice is voice number 5.


iOS 15.4 also improves the Live Text feature of iOS 15. This allows users to use their phone camera to capture text and copy it into other apps. With the latest update, user can now use a Scan Text command in the pop-up menu that appears in Notes and Reminders apps. Users need to select that – a camera window will appear where you can capture text from a book, note, or photo.


Apple is also adding a new authentication for Apple Pay. This will work for those who accidentally press the power button twice to activate Apple Pay. Now, when users double-click the side button, an authentication screen appears, which requires them to enter their passcode or Face ID before credit cards and passes appear.

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iOS 15.4 also brings new emojis to iPhones. There are 37 new emojis that include melting face, heart hands and disco ball. There’s a pregnant person emoji, along with one showing a pregnant man. You’ll also find emojis for biting lip, beans, a troll, and a jar. These new emojis were approved by the Unicode Consortium last September.


Apple’s iPhone already allows users to head save passwords for easy logins. With iOS 15.4, users can now add notes to passwords. Users need to head to the Passwords section in the Settings app and type in notes about important passwords.


Other changes and improvements with iOS 15.4 include upgrades to the TV app, a new SharePlay option for albums and songs in Apple Music, an Apple Card widget that lets you see your bank balance, spending power, and spending activity if you have an Apple Card, new notification panel for Apple Store, and a new filter for podcasts.

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first published:March 15, 2022, 10:59 IST