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Apple Rolls Out The iOS 13 Beta 2 For Developers: Here is Everything That it Brings to Your iPhone

Apple Rolls Out The iOS 13 Beta 2 For Developers: Here is Everything That it Brings to Your iPhone

The iOS 13 beta 2 software offers better performance and sorts some of the stability issues that developer beta versions tend to have.

Apple has released the second developer beta for the iOS 13 operating system for iPhones. The brave souls out there might be probably running iOS 13 beta 1, and you can now update to the beta 2 which is now available for downloaded from Apple’s developer portal. The new update brings in plenty of bugs, improves performance and updates certain features as well.

When will you be able to download iOS Beta 2?

The iOS 13 beta 2 version for the public is expected to be available for download sometime in July, if we are to follow Apple’s timeline as announced during the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) a few weeks ago. Going on its past releases, if Apple sticks with its standard yearly iPhone upgrade cycle, the iOS 13 can be released in the second or third week of September, 2019, with a new iPhone lineup available around the same time.

What’s new in iOS 13 beta 2 version?

If you are sharing a web page with Safari in this new version, you can choose what form it takes in a new picker, which you can choose from options like PDF, Reader PDF, Web Archive and Automatic. Users will see a new icon for toggling perspective after setting new wallpaper in iOS 13 beta 2. Apple has also included the new High Key Mono Lighting and Portrait Lighting Control features in the updated version, as announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2019. However, these will only work on the latest iPhones. While High Key Mono Lighting lets you relight an image or tweak its lighting after capture, Portrait Lighting Control puts a slider next to any of the Portrait lighting effects so you can fade the effect. You can use the share sheet and customize it to some extent in the new version of iOS 13.

Talking about Shortcuts, it has got a new contextual menu that lets you preview the steps of a shortcut, as well as rename duplicates or delete them. It also hides its new NFC-reading capabilities. It also lets you hand off music playback from one device to another that is you could automatically transfer a podcast from your AirPods to your HomePod. It’s also easier to toggle between Dark Mode and normal mode or get a list of all your alarms in the updated version of iOS Beta. The iOS 13 beta 2 also adds new Animoji styles.

Are you brave and want to try out the present iOS Beta 2 version?

You need to have an earlier version of beta installed in your iPhone to update to the new version. For that, open the Safari web browser on your iOS device and head on over to Look for the ‘iOS13 + iPadOS’ section, and click on the blue download button. Your device will have you approve the beta profile you’re about to install, and it’ll then ask you for a quick reset. Then, go to Settings > General > Software Update to download and install any new versions of iOS 13.