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Apple Special Event: What Will be That #OneMoreThing This Time Around?

image: Reddit (EAP Concept Design)

image: Reddit (EAP Concept Design)

There are many candidates, including a larger MacBook, a smaller HomePod and even some AR magic.

The Apple iPhone event is upon us. It is that happy time of the year again when the new iPhones are unveiled, and a new benchmark in the user experience is set for Android phones to attempt and match over the next 12 months. And keeps a lot of meme makers busy as well, with their own opinions on the Android vs iOS debates. Basically, everyone gets in one the fun and all is hunky dory. Great then. But more serious matters to speak off at the moment. The One More Thing which is pretty much a trademark of all Apple events. That little surprise which one wasn’t really expecting to see at the event, but Apple goes ahead and announces it anyway. What could it be this time? We know that that we will see the next line-up of the iPhones, tentatively called the iPhone 11 series. We will also see the fifth generation of the Apple Watch. And yes, there will be conversation about services, including Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple Arcade game streaming service as well as the final look at iOS 13, macOS Catalina and the iPadOS before their final releases.

The prime suspect for the One More Thing this year could be the 16-inch MacBook Pro. There has been considerable chatter about this new MacBook, and this truly deserves its special moment, considering it is the biggest update to the MacBook line-up in years. Whether this sits close to the existing MacBook Pro 15 in terms of the pricing and positioning, or replaces the elder sibling altogether remains to be seen. There will be incredibly thin bezels if this sort of display size has to work, and a new design language as well. To be honest, I really cannot wait to see if the MacBook Pro 16-inch is real and get my hands on one.

The HomePod has been around since early 2018, but Apple did not update it last year. Could this be the year to look at the HomePod smart speaker once again? Maybe a refreshed product with some more Siri smartness going global, or maybe even a smaller and more affordable version to tap into the excitement around smart speakers these days.

There is also considerable interest in smart displays, which includes Amazon’s Echo Show line-up and the Google Nest Hub series. Maybe a Siri powered smart display, with a platform that is based on iOS, could really be the ideal addition for those who are already well-embedded in the Apple ecosystem—it could manage their calendar, Apple Music, Apple News, Podcasts and more.

With the Apple TV+ streaming service set to roll out now, Apple may look at giving the Apple TV streaming device a refresh. More powerful innards perhaps, and maybe even give it gaming controllers to also tap into the Arcade game streaming excitement.

Last but not least, there could be next big push for the Augmented Reality (AR) space. Reports recently suggested that the iOS 13 code hints at an AR headset that Apple may be working on. Does Apple really need an AR headset? Well, it would be the logical upgrade to the extensive AR capabilities that Apple has built into iOS with ARKit over the past couple of years, including better ambience detection, the ability to understand lighting better and smarter overlaying of virtual objects over real-world frames.