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Apple Watch 7's Rumoured Blood Sugar Monitoring Feature Teased in a New Survey


Last Updated: May 10, 2021, 12:17 IST

Apple Watch 6. Image used for representation

Apple Watch 6. Image used for representation

Apple is yet to confirm the development of the Apple Watch 7. The company already offers a host of health-related features with the existing Apple Watch models.

Apple’s next-generation smartwatch, likely to be called Apple Watch 7, was recently tipped to feature a new sensor to monitor blood sugar levels. It appears that there’s more weightage to this rumour after Apple started surveying select customers about their daily habits with the company’s smartwatches. According to 9to5Mac, Apple surveyed about third-party apps for managing health data. The survey provides options about using third-party apps for tracking workouts, monitoring eating habits (including hydration and nutrition), and managing other health care (such as medications and monitoring blood glucose levels). While this does not fully indicate whether Apple will roll out blood sugar or blood glucose monitoring sensor in the next-gen Apple Watch 7, the company has previously teased upcoming developments via surveys. For instance, Apple surveyed users regarding their chargers before deciding to discard chargers from iPhone and Watch packaging.

Meanwhile, a report recently tipped that the Apple Watch 7 will also let users monitor blood pressure and alcohol level. It was reported that a British start-up named Rockley Photonics would supply the sensors to Apple, which could be used in devices as early as 2022. The existing Apple Watch models already offer a host of features such as a heart rate sensor, ECG, and SpO2 sensor. The tech giant, with the addition of new sensors on the smartwatch, would hope to rival competitors like Samsung.

A report in January had said that the next Samsung Galaxy Watch might come with a feature that measures blood sugar levels. In 2020, Samsung developed a system for monitoring blood glucose levels using a method called Raman Spectroscopy. The process reportedly uses lasers to identify chemical composition. Even during this year’s CES 2021, a smartwatch made by a Japanese company called Quantum Operations presented a prototype that came with a spectroscopy system and gave out blood sugar readings in 20 seconds.

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