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ASUS ROG Phone 3 Gets New Bypass Charging Feature to Via Latest OTA Update

Image used for representation.

Image used for representation.

The ASUS ROG Phone 3 is getting a new OTA update that brings a bunch of bug fixes along with a new feature that lets you enable bypass charging on the phone.

ASUS has started rolling out a new update for its latest gaming smartphone, the ROG Phone 3. According to the company the highlight feature of the new update is the addition Bypass Charging. This can be activated during gaming sessions where the phone gets power directly from the charger thereby helping in extending the lifetime of the battery pack. Other improvements include fixes for display brightness irregularities, display quality improvement when playing video, and certain calling issues.

The new update comes with version number 17.0823.2008.70 and has a size of about 200MB. The latest Android security patch for the month of September is also included with this update along with various bug fixes. Coming to the bypass feature, this is an excellent addition for gamers who don’t want to compromise on the battery life. The feature can be enabled by quickly toggling it on in the Game Genie app overlay while gaming or you can also fine-tune it by heading to the ‘Battery Care’ section that is hidden under Settings>Battery>Power Master.

Once enabled, the smartphone starts getting most of the power directly from the charger, which means that the battery will neither be charged or discharged. Essentially while you maintain your battery charge, there should be considerably less heat generated by the phone as well. Along with that, you are also improving the overall life of the battery in the long run as you will charge the phone less often. Of course, this feature makes sense for people who usually keep a charger around and don’t mind using their phones while plugged in. In my opinion, Google should definitely look into this feature and maybe make bypass charging a standard feature on Android.


If you own a ROG Phone 3, then the update notification should pop-up on your phone. You can manually check for the latest update by heading to Settings>System>System Update.