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Best Coding Courses Online to Sharpen Your Skill Set During Covid-19 Lockdown Days

Best Coding Courses Online to Sharpen Your Skill Set During Covid-19 Lockdown Days

The following online coding courses can be ideal for beginners looking to pick up a new skill set, and even pros looking to add a new language.

Coding is a near-essential skill nowadays. From web development to data science and even pure-bred programming, coding is a skill that can never go wrong. If you are a journalist, learning how to code can give you a prolific edge over peers as technology becomes increasingly important and data journalism takes the front seat. If you are a creative professional, knowing how to write code can help you set up your own website and host your own platform. With the advantages being nearly endless, we take a look at five of the best online coding courses that you should enrol for, as you spend an extended period of days staying at home.

Web developer bootcamp, Udemy

The web developer bootcamp course at Udemy is possibly one of the most comprehensive coding courses that you will find online, and on top of that, is available right now at a nominal fee of just Rs 455 (it actually retails at Rs 12,800). Through this course, even if you are a complete novice, you will learn how to code in HTML, CSS, Javascript and more. Some of the course’s highlights include letting you build your own blog application, a browser-based game, animated apps, responsive webpages and more. In essence, this multi-month course, which spans across 46.5 hours of videos, 81 articles and 104 downloadable resources, is the starter kit for anyone that has always been enthusiastic about coding, but never gotten around to it.

Python for everybody, Coursera

With Python being a core entity of data analytics, this free to access Coursera programme is actually one of the very best around. The course takes a novice user through the basics of Python semantics, as well as techniques such as database management, web scraping, data structuring and more. By the end of this 8-month course, which requires only two hours of your time each week, you should be able to write basic Python programmes on your own.

Introductory programming courses, MIT OpenCourseware

This relatively unexplored treasure trove has the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the world’s most reputed educational institutions, offer a host of its fundamental courses in various disciplines to interested learners stuck at home. Of all the programmes available here, the introductory programming list includes courses in data science, basic programming, Python, Java, MATLAB, C/C++ and more. The material may be more conventional and not purely interactive, but academically, this is about the best material that you can learn your coding from. The best part? It is absolutely free.

Data visualisation, Free Code Camp

In today’s world of data-driven reportage across all forms of media, data visualisation plays a critical role. Through Free Code Camp, you get, among other courses, a completely free and highly comprehensive 300-hour lowdown on core data visualisation lessons and techniques. The only flipside is that ideally, you would be required to have basic knowledge of coding already to access the courses listed on Free Code Camp. For those who are already versed with basics, the data visualisation course on Free Code Camp is practically one of the very best that you can get on the internet today.

Java, SQL and more, Khan Academy

The best part about Khan Academy is how approachable its entire website is. Furthermore, the online programming courses are modeled on the way computer science is taught at Indian school levels. This automatically makes Khan Academy’s (for now) free to access courses one of the best for school students in India to follow. The courses take students through introduction in Javascript, HTML/CSS and SQL, following which you can evolve to a higher level once these courses are cleared.