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Best Fitness Apps to Download in 2017

Representative Image (©shironosov/Istock.com)

Representative Image (©shironosov/Istock.com)

A good fitness app can be a valuable piece of workout kit, helping you to set and track goals, stay motivated.

If getting fit is your New Year's resolution then a good fitness app can be a valuable piece of workout kit, helping you to set and track goals, stay motivated, and even find support through social media and online communities.

Here we round up some of the newest app updates and releases for 2017 to help you achieve a fitter, healthier you this year.

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Sweat with Kayla

Kayla Itsines's hugely popular Sweat with Kayla app has already changed the lives of women around the world, and the new year is the perfect time to try Kayla's workouts for yourself to boost your own fitness resolutions.

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As well as currently offering a 7-day free trial available to kickstart your routine, the latest version of the app also comes with an update to one of the app's most popular features, the Planner. Users can now schedule weekly workouts, track completed workouts and view their summary for the week, as well as receive updates during workouts to help stay motivated.


Fun fitness app CARROT has had a huge update just in time to help reinvigorate your workout regime for the new year, and shout at you to do more.

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After a complete redesign the seven-minute workout app now features new workout and history screens to view your progress, with Apple Watch users now able to view their workouts on the smartphone.

The app will also give live heart rate and calorie burn data during exercising to keep you motivated, and many features that you previously had to work out for in order to unlock are now available straight away so you can enjoy even more of the app's options.


Set to be shown at CES 2017 later this week, new fitness app Forca claims to be the first to offer a combination of diet, exercise, supplementation and personal training advice in one easy-to-use app.

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By working with a variety of industry experts, the app offers a searchable database of exercise routines and meal plans so users can find the trainer and nutrition advice that is right for them.

Users can then stay in contact with their chosen trainer on video calls and chat for help and guidance, as well as measure and track nutrition and supplementation with tools such as Smart Diet Scale and SCiO and track workouts with wearables such as FitBit and Apple Watch.

Although not available just yet those who can't wait to try it can sign up now on the website for Beta Access to test the app before its release later this year.


first published:January 04, 2017, 10:52 IST