Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Review: A Warm Sound That Pulls You Towards The Soundtrack

Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd Review: A Warm Sound That Pulls You Towards The Soundtrack

Beyerdynamic clearly haven’t used the excuse of an affordable price tag for cutting any corners with sound

Vishal Mathur
  • Last Updated: February 20, 2019, 1:43 PM IST
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The Beat Byrd earphones are the perfect example of how you should not be deceived by the looks. German audio company Beyerdynamic’s newest earphones, are all about simplicity. But then again, this isn’t just another earphone for you to consider. Beyerdynamic have tried some unique stuff with the the entire Byrd line-up of earphones globally, and the Beat Byrd is no different. It is priced at Rs2,199 and isn’t exactly expensive either.

Chances are, you would have gotten used to the curved outer shell of earbuds on earphones. Well, that has pretty much been the norm over the years, hasn’t it? Beyerdynamic is changing things around a little bit, by flattening these earbuds from the outside. The idea is to let them sit flush with the rest of your ear. And when you are wearing these, buds don’t protrude outwards from your ear. The advantage of this is that if you using these earphones while resting you head on a pillow or a couch or even the side wall next to your seat on a train coach for instance, the earbuds won’t press inwards into the ear. If you are someone who falls asleep at night to the sound of music or the cacophony of podcasts, this could just be the ticket.

The Beat Byrd are extremely light to wear, and with the correct eartips installed, they fit very well inside the ear. Speaking of which, the eartips themselves are very soft and comfortable to wear for hours on end. Beyerdynamic has used the Comply eartips, the 400 series, to be precise. To be honest, the flattened back of each earpiece doesn’t really change anything in terms of the sound dynamics. How you find it visually depends a lot on your perception, but the different design does look good and gets some attention too. At first, people want to know if we have somehow managed to break the earphones. Eventually they get the real picture.

In terms of the features, this is as simple as they get. You do not get in-line volume controls or a mic. There are no extra features such as the ability to plug into the Google Assistant on your phone. This purely wants to be a music-focused earphone, and that is what it is.

In terms of the geeky technical data, the Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd has the frequency response rating of 15 - 21,000Hz. Some of its siblings go as low as 10Hz, which could add a bit extra to the detailing aspect. Each ear has a 9mm audio driver.

As far as it is about the sound, these aren’t exactly bass heavy earphones. In fact, the lower frequencies sound quite restrained to say the least, even though at no point could we criticize for the lack of bass. The well restrained bass means the lower frequencies don’t sound ‘boomy’ and do not compromise the mid-range frequencies. This means detailing of the soundstage of any music track isn’t lost. Speaking of which, the mid-range frequencies are well distinguished, and that has a positive impact on how you get to hear the different instruments that comprise the soundstage. Vocals are definitely very well handled, with crispness all through without ever sounding harsh or rough.

That said, the Beat Byrd doesn’t exactly have the widest soundstage, and you do notice that when listening to really vibrant audio tracks. At times, we did wish that the bass was more powerful, when certain tracks demanded it. Physics does play a role in this, and the Beat Byrd with its chopped design means there is even lesser physical space for the audio drivers to work in. There is good amount of realism on display here, but don’t expect the same level of detailing as larger earphones.

The Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd is on direct competition with the Sennheiser CX 2.00G (around Rs2,199 on headphonezone.in), which also has a very balanced sound signature and offers great levels of detailing—and it offers in-line controls for music and a mic. At this price, there really isn’t much to not like about the Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd. That is if music is your primary focus. The neutral sound with good bass as well as vocals are the building blocks of a good earphones, and Beyerdynamic clearly haven’t used the excuse of an affordable price tag for cutting any corners with sound.

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