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Black Basta Cyber Threat: What Is It, And How It Can Attack Your System

By: S Aadeetya


Last Updated: June 14, 2022, 14:58 IST

New ransomware called Black Basta is wreaking havoc

New ransomware called Black Basta is wreaking havoc

The new ransomware has been around for a few months in the market, attacking a host of big-ticket businesses, crippling their operation by hacking their systems.

If you follow the cyber news regularly then you must have heard about the Black Basta ransomware which haas been around for a few months now. According to reports, it has managed to breach over 12 companies in a space of a few weeks. And the first reported Black Basta incident was in April.

Black Basta has been used to infect systems and hold businesses to ransom in lieu of not leaking their confidential data. The group behind this ransomware has mostly focused on small ticket ransoms but some reports say they have even demanded as high as $2 million from some entities.

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So, what is Black Basta, how does it infect your system and should you be worried? Here is everything you need to know about this ransomware.


What Is Black Basta

Black Basta is known in the market as a ransomware that mostly targets enterprises/businesses. It has the ability to steal data that includes documents before it gets encrypted into the company’s system. Once the data is stolen using the Black Basta, the attacker reaches out to the victim and demands a ransom, not only to stop the data from being leaked, but also get a decryptor to unlock the data stolen.

The group has become popular for posting the name of its victims on the Black Basta blog or Basta News which is a Tor site.

The list of the victims who are yet to pay the ransom are mentioned here, and the group does a small leak so that the business is ready to pay the ransom and not play any games. It seems Black Basta removes the name of the victims who pay the ransom or get in talks about the group about paying.

How Does Black Basta Attack Your System

Black Basta is sophisticated in the way it attacks a system. Once the ransomware has infected the system, the display wallpaper changes with the message that says, Your network is encrypted by the Black Basta group. Instructions in the readme.txt file.

Black Basta now restarts the system into safe mode with Networking, and soon all the files on the system are encrypted. Once the encryption is complete, all the files on the system get renamed with .basta extension.

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Security researchers who have got their hands on the ransomware believe the encryption system is secure and it is unlikely you will be able to decrypt the data without the help of the group, which means paying the ransom.

It been just a few months since the Black Basta ransomware has created havoc in the market, forcing businesses to fool-proof their systems, but one glance at their victim list, and you can easily guess that their targets are yet to focus on cybersecurity of the entity which is now proving to be costly.

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first published:June 14, 2022, 14:58 IST
last updated:June 14, 2022, 14:58 IST