BlackBerry Key2 Launch is Confirmed And The Twitter is Going Gaga Over it

BlackBerry has confirmed the launch date of Key2. (Image: Twitter)

BlackBerry has confirmed the launch date of Key2. (Image: Twitter)

A June date is set for the next BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry Key2 launch date has been confirmed by the company in a recent tweet. The successor to BlackBerry KeyOne is set to launch on June 7 at an event in New York, scheduled for 7:30 pm IST. As of now, no specifications of the smartphone have been unveiled by BlackBerry but it is confirmed that the Key2 will sport a qwerty keypad below its display, just like its predecessor. The BlackBerry Key2 will be the first of two devices which the BlackBerry Mobile President Alain Lejune had earlier confirmed to be working upon for 2018.

On Twitter, BlackBerry has announced the launch date of the BlackBerry Key2 through an image reading "An Icon Reborn" followed by the launch date for the smartphone. Even though the company did not reveal anything about the firepower that the smartphone carries, the launch confirmation was itself enough to send the Twitterati into a frenzy.

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Here is how the BlackBerry fans reacted on Twitter:

They even had some suggestions for BlackBerry.

Hyped or not, BlackBerry seems ready to bring out its KeyONE (review) successor within a month and till date, only a listing on TENAA is our closest look at the smartphone. The listed BlackBerry device shows an elongated display on top of a qwerty keypad, which points at it being the BlackBerry Key2.

As for what all is expected to feature in the BlackBerry Key2, the device might come with a dual camera setup, a USB type-C port, 4G LTE and dual SIM support as well as gesture support on its keypad.

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