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Born on Instagram Initiative Will Identify And Mentor New Digital Creators in India

By: Vishal Mathur

Edited By: Chhavianshika Singh


Last Updated: November 01, 2019, 15:36 IST

Born on Instagram Initiative Will Identify And Mentor New Digital Creators in India

The next crop of social media influencers is ready to be discovered, mentored and land on our Instagram feeds.

Facebook-owned social network Instagram has announced the new Born on Instagram initiative for India, making it the latest in the series of moves to focus on the digital creator community which uses the social network extensively. This also helps Instagram build a stronger platform for businesses to leverage. The company says there are as many as a billion Instagram users globally and more than 500 million people use Stories every day. Instagram will focus on discovering new content creators across India and give them a platform to showcase that work along with mentorship and collaboration opportunities. This initiative is being rolled out in 15 cities at this time.

“Instagram is gaining strong momentum both globally and in India. Much like Indian culture, passions pursued by Instagrammers here are the most diverse and represent urban and regional trends. This, combined with the way people freely express themselves on the platform, creates an amazing opportunity for creators and businesses here,” says Vishal Shah, VP of Product, Instagram. Born on Instagram will be a series of programs, which Instagram says will be online and also off-platform.

Instagram says that they have been discovered and adopted by a lot of users who have since become digital creators, all over India. The Facebook-owned social network now believes that they have to figure out ways of helping them achieve newer ways to express themselves, at the national level. While the primary objective of Born on Instagram is to discover and provide a platform to what they call a new pool of talent, that is not it. Instagram believes it is important to make the connection between the users and these new creators, and also allow them opportunities to build on that. “Our platform is a place where incredible new passions are coming to life, and people are making livelihoods and businesses around it,” says the company.

Born on Instagram comes after the social network added Branded Content Ads on the platform earlier this year, as well as interactive ads, to help creators and business connect better with the audiences. “It's interesting because in 2010 when we got started, we didn't have a business account construct at the time, and businesses were a part of Instagram from the very beginning because people come to Instagram to celebrate their interests and their passions and people celebrate businesses in the same way. And so if you think about this we have to think, both for what we build for businesses but also how they fit into the ecosystem,” adds Shah.