Call of Duty: Mobile to Get Back Black Ops 2's Halloween Standoff Map in Season 11 Update

Call of Duty: Mobile new map teaser

Call of Duty: Mobile new map teaser

Activision has not said when it will release the Season 11 update for Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile competed a year of existence last week. The game is also set to receive its Season 11 update during the upcoming Halloween season. As a part of the update, the developers are giving COD fans a version of its old hit Black Ops II's Halloween standoff map. Call of Duty: Mobile announced the map on its official Twitter handle last week. The post was shared with the caption "Something spooky lurks this way... Coming to #CODMobile in the next season!." In the image shared by Call of Duty: Mobile, one can clearly see pumpkin-headed figures in the centre of the frame in the Halloween-themed image.

According to reports, the 11th Season of Call of Duty: Mobile is set to begin later this month. This will be the first Season update the game will receive after its one-year anniversary on October 1. According to earlier reports, the Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile will include a Night Mode, new multiplayer maps, among other things like the ability to add a tactical challenge. There are chances of new weapons also bring introduces in Call of Duty: Mobile. In a response to a Reddit query, developers had earlier said that there will be multiple weapons coming in across various categories.

Activision has itself not divulged any details itself. Soon we will know what all the developers will include in the upcoming Season 11.

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