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Canon EOS R5, R6 Flagship Mirrorless Cameras Bring 8K Movies, 8-stop Stabilisation

Canon EOS R5, R6 Flagship Mirrorless Cameras Bring 8K Movies, 8-stop Stabilisation

Canon's latest flagship mirrorless cameras have been launched in India, and bring a new autofocus module that can track animals, as well as shoot at lower lighting than their previous versions.

Canon India has launched two new cameras in India, with both being flagship mirrorless cameras in its more recent EOS R lineup. The two cameras are the EOS R5 and EOS R6, and both make a number of tall claims. Among the biggest highlights of Canon’s launch claims for the two cameras include oversampled 8K video recording and 120fps 4K videography on the EOS R5, lens and body-combined image stabilisation of 8 stops on both, second generation Dual Pixel autofocus with 100 percent frame coverage and what Canon claims is machine learning-trained animal identification and tracking, among others.

Beginning with the Canon EOS R5, the camera comes with a 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor combined with the Canon Digic X image processor. Canon flaunts continuous shooting of 20fps on the electronic shutter, and 12fps with mechanical shutter – about as much as you’d expect from flagship cameras. Videography is a key takeaway of the EOS R5, featuring 4K 120fps shooting for slow motion videos, and 8K 30fps shooting for oversampled 4K videos. Canon also claims that the EOS R5 is the first interchangeable lens camera in the world to have 8K videography with AF tracking.

Canon spent a lot of time talking about its new autofocus system at the virtual launch, with key highlights including a 1,053-zone Dual Pixel AF II mechanism, low light autofocus support for high contrast shooting at up to EV -6. Native ISO range of the Canon EOS R5 extends up to ISO 51200, while in terms of connectivity support, the EOS R5 now supports 5GHz Wi-Fi image transfer. The Canon EOS R5 will cost Rs 3,39,995 for the body, and there are four new RF lenses to pair the body with.

The EOS R6 is designed more for low light shooting, with a 20.1-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor with native ISO range extending up to an impressive ISO 1,02,400. It gets the same image processor as the EOS R5, and also matches the continuous shooting speed of the R5. However, in terms of videography, it sits a notch lower – producing 4K 60fps videos with 5.1K oversampling, and full HD videos at 120fps. For low light shooting, the EOS R6 goes a step further, with EV -6.5 shooting supported. The EOS R6 also supports the new wireless image transfer, and Canon also highlighted its cloud file storage support for both the cameras, for photographers who have fast internet speeds but not enough external drives to back images up. The Canon EOS R6 comes at a body-only price of Rs 2,15,995.

Canon also has new RF-system lenses to offer for its flagship, full-frame mirrorless cameras. These include 85mm f/2 macro, 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L telephoto zoom, and 600mm f/11 and 800mm f/11 telephoto primes. All the lenses apart from the telephoto zoom one comes with in-built stabilisation, while the telephoto zoom is a silent lens to ensure maximum videography support. The Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 can be preordered starting later today, and will go up for sale starting August, via both online and offline Canon retailers.