Cortana Will no Longer be Available on Android and iOS

Cortana Will no Longer be Available on Android and iOS

Microsoft is pulling the plug from its Cortana mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

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  • Last Updated: November 17, 2019, 3:57 PM IST
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Microsoft is pulling down its digital assistant, Cortana, from Android as well as iOS. The mobile app will no longer be available in regions such as the UK, China, India, Canada, and China among others. The Cortana mobile app will be removed and will not be accessible from 31 January 2020.

This does not mean that users will not be able to access the digital assistant on Windows. Furthermore, the service will offer Cortana as a part of Microsoft 365 apps. According to Cortana’s support page, the Microsoft Launcher will also be eventually updated with Cortana removed.

“To make your personal digital assistant as helpful as possible, we’re integrating Cortana into your Microsoft 365 productivity apps. As part of this evolution, on January 31st, 2020, we’re ending support for the Cortana app on Android and iOS in your market. At that point, the Cortana content you created–such as reminders and lists–will no longer function in the Cortana mobile app or Microsoft Launcher, but can still be accessed through Cortana on Windows. Also, Cortana reminders, lists, and tasks are automatically synced to the Microsoft To Do app, which you can download to your phone for free,” says Microsoft on the support page.

Cortana was introduced as a standalone app on iOS and Android back in 2015. The app has seen a bunch of updates since then, however it hasn’t managed to be as popular as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

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