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Cyberpunk 2077 Game Developers Assured Full Bonuses by the Company Despite Buggy Release


Last Updated: December 13, 2020, 16:32 IST

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077

The bonus system liked with Cyberpunk 2077 was reportedly complicated. The company head in an email to staff members said that they are assured of full bonuses irrespective of how the game is reviewed.

Cyberpunk 2077 finally came out last week, after years of waiting. Although the action role-playing title is getting mixed reviews as many users are facing glitches and bugs while playing it on older consoles, its developer, CD Projekt Red has assured Cyberpunk 2077 team with full bonuses no matter how the game is reviewed. The development came to light after Bloomberg accessed an email from Adam Badowski, studio head and creative director for Cyberpunk 2077, to staff members. The report notes that the game developers were earlier told they would receive extra pay based on the game’s critical performance.

The Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced back in May 2012, and its launch was postponed to this year, on three different occasions. Following its debut, the title received favourable critic-reviews with a Metacritic score of 90 out of 100, which typically indicates that a game is “very good." However, users, especially with Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One consoles, started reporting abrupt crashes, choppy gameplay, freezing of the screen, strangely geometric NPCs, and other issues. Therefore, as game issues with the Cyberpunk 2077 began appearing over the internet, many developers feared losing performance bonuses that were tied to review scores. But clearing the air, Badowski in an email to developers wrote, “We initially had a bonus system that was focused on the game’s ratings and the release date, but after consideration, we believe that measure is simply not fair under the circumstances." The CD Projekt Red head further wrote that the administration underestimated the lengths and complexity involved with the title, and the developers were still able to deliver “an ambitious, special game."

The report adds that the bonus system liked with Cyberpunk 2077 was “complicated." According to three current and former employees, team leaders of different verticals gave out tokens to members they felt “deserved honours." Those tokens would have translated into bonuses if the title met criteria such as critical review and a timely release. Under the new system, performance bonuses on top of regular annual profit-sharing payouts are guaranteed despite all hiccups. Back in September, it was reported that CD Projekt employees working on Cyberpunk 2077 were asked to work six days per week in the months leading up to its release. Staff members were also pushed to work for a longer hour since 2018.

Meanwhile, the Cyberpunk 2077’s first hotfix is now live for the Sony PlayStation consoles and the PC. The company says that the update is rolling out with improvements in the game that could reduce the potential for some sequences to induce epileptic symptoms.

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