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DailyObjects UV Sterilizer Review: Your Filthy Phone is Calling, What Are You Waiting For?

By: Vishal Mathur

Last Updated: May 25, 2020, 12:00 IST

DailyObjects UV Sterilizer Review: Your Filthy Phone is Calling, What Are You Waiting For?

The concept of UV actually comes from nature. The man-made sources of UV-C, when used in a controlled environment, can be used for sterilization purposes. Such as in this case. UV-C is used to clean water as well.

This isn’t just some box that you can use to keep knick-knacks that you may have an emotional attachment with, accessories that you love or pretty much anything else that you may run the risk of losing if kept in a drawer or almirah. Yes, it perhaps looks like one, but this DailyObjects UV Sterilizer is more than just any storage box. Daily Objects, a popular website for smartphone, laptop and smartwatch accessories, is now selling the new Portable Multi-Functional UV Sterilizer & Wireless Charger. This is priced at Rs 4,800 and there is no compatibility aspect that you need to worry about. Everything fits.

If you need some more convincing, sometime ago, the University of Arizona did confirm that your smartphone is potentially 7 times dirtier than your toilet seat. The thing is, in this world obsessed with technology and connectivity, we are touching more surfaces than the generations before us. And that means more germs on our hands. And since we are constantly connected on our phones and WhatsApp groups anyway without a care for anything else, we transfer these germs to the phone. The same phone which we then get close to our eyes, ears and nose. Getting the idea? Scary enough.

What does it do?

The DailyObjects UV Sterilizer is big enough to work with smartphones, watches—smart and non-smart, earphones and earbuds, facemasks, sunglasses and spectacles, keychains, rings, accessories and more. The company says this sterilizer kills 99.9% of the germs in 5 minutes. This offers the Ultraviolet-C sterilization (UV-C) which is designed to destroy the DNA of germs and viruses. This compact box design is 196mm long, 114 mm wide and 53mm deep. On the inside, you get 182mm x 100mm x 40mm space, which is spacious enough even for the largest of smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra to sit comfortably. This will most certainly be able to house most of your phones and accessories with ease within the protective shield layer.

That being said, I would suggest that if you are looking to sterilize a smartphone, keep only one in the box at a time. For other smaller accessories such as earphones, wireless earbuds, watches etc., you can most certainly place them side by side. But do not keep things one on top of the other, because that will block the UV’s path to the lower placed object.

White and just about right

The DailyObjects UV Sterilizer is dressed in white colour all through, and the branding as well as any other writings on the outer walls are done in a very subtle way. This is most certainly a very sophisticated box to look at, and should easily sit on your workstation, study table or even a bedside table. The lid has a USB C port, which is where you plug in the power for this UV Sterilizer and charger to work. On the top of the lid is the power button—press once for one minute of sterilization and press for one second to do five minutes of sterilization.

On the inner side of the lid sit 9 UV-C bulbs, which point down the light of sterilization on the product kept inside the DailyObjects UV Sterilizer compartment. On the base are elevated grooves which give the product that you place inside a higher ground, so that the underside of the gadget or accessory can also be sterilized since there will be a gap with the base.

The box itself seems to have pretty thick walls, to prevent any UV leakage. The UV Sterilization will also only work if the lid is properly closed and it sits flush with the rest of the box. In case you open the lid in the middle of a sterilization session, the UV lights will immediately shut off as soon as the lid is taken off the groove.

Does UV work to effectively kill Coronavirus?

Without getting you bogged down or bewildered by complex science at work, simply put, a UV sterilizer uses a germicidal fluorescent lamp to envelop whatever it is that you want to disinfect. Studies have shown that this sterilization method is effective against foodborne pathogens, natural microbiota, molds, and yeasts, for instance. This works by breaking down certain chemical bonds and scrambling the structure of the DNA, RNA and proteins, which renders the microorganism unable to multiply. That is when it is effectively dead.

The concept of UV actually comes from nature. The sun does send UV-A, UV-B and UV-C out into the solar system, and it is the natural UV-C which has the most energy that could also be dangerous—and therefore the earth’s atmosphere absorbs us from it. But the man-made sources of UV-C, when used in a controlled environment, can be used for sterilization purposes. Such as in this case. UV-C is used to clean water as well.

Specifically, on the issue of the Coronavirus and whether UV-C can kill the COVID virus—the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine suggests that UV-C light has proven to destroy related Coronaviruses, including the one that caused MERS. But the caveat shouldn’t be missed—UV-C is good for sterilizing objects and surfaces but should not be used on human skin or anywhere near our eyes, for example. Simply put, the DailyObjects UV Sterilizer can seamlessly deliver on its promise.

All the power stats: Wireless charging adds value

For input power, you can use a 5V/2A or a 9V/2A adapter, though it is better to use the latter because a 5V charger will mean it’ll take longer for your phone or wireless earbuds to juice up via wireless charging and the sterilization effect may also take a bit longer than usual. The lid also enables wireless charging, with the rating up to 15-watts. That, I have to say, is pretty brisk for wireless chargers. It works pretty much the same way as most other wireless chargers, and you should ideally keep the DailyObjects UV Sterilizer in a cool place for the quickest charging to happen. There is absolutely no doubt that this feature is pretty convenient, in addition to the priceless ability to sterilize your phone and dock it on the lid for charging as well.

The Last Word: Can you really argue against a sterilizer?

Not just because of COVID and the worrying times we live in, but it is good to wage a war against viruses and germs on a regular basis. And a lot of them reside on the gadgets and accessories that we use. The DailyObjects UV Sterilizer straight goes into my list of must have accessories for home. Rs 4,800 is a small price to pay for the potential safety it brings to the table, and the peace of mind that comes with it. For your entire family. What are you waiting for?