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Deadpool on Fortnite is Finally Live: Here's How You Can Get the Special Skin

Deadpool on Fortnite is Finally Live: Here's How You Can Get the Special Skin

Fortnite is famous for hosting its crossovers, and with Deadpool now onboard, gives gamers something to look forward to in times of this global pandemic.

Deadpool has been poking his head in and out of Fortnite ever since the game's Chapter 2, Season 2 began. This was enough to raise enthusiasm among Deadpool fans and die-hard Fortnite players alike, and now, the grossly irreverent anti-hero has finally made his way into the game. Epic, the publisher of Fortnite, has attempted to keep the spirit of Deadpool alive by keeping the themed challenges on the goofier end of things, which incidentally also goes with the theme of the game.

To get access to the elusive Deadpool skin, players will have to purchase the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 battle pass. With the latest season having released back on February 20, 2020, gamers will have to complete the Deadpool specific challenges within Fortnite for all the past six weeks (ending Thursday, April 2). To do this, within Fortnite, access the Battle Pass tab, and head to Fortnite HQ. Once in the HQ, gamers will find a vent towards the top of the central room, clicking which will take you to Deadpool's expectedly quirky hideout.

Once in the hideout, you will now be able to access all the weekly challenges pertaining to Deadpool. Once all the available challenges are ticked off the list, you can head out into the map, and find a Phone Booth in the game. As you step inside, your setup will change entirely and turn you into the conventional attire of Deadpool. However, this is not all.

Over the next two weeks, users will continue to receive Deadpool challenges. The first of the two seemingly kicked off late yesterday as week seven challenge of the Deadpool special crossover event, with Deadpool's Twitter handle announcing a yacht party — something that almost certainly is a clue to this week's challenge. Once the next and final week's challenge is over, gamers will reportedly get access to a special, limited edition maskless Deadpool skin — something that is definitely worth playing for.