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Didn't Receive the Latest Android OTA Update For Your Pixel? Here's How to Get it Manually

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This method allows you to download the latest OTA updates in case you haven't received them for your Pixel smartphone.

Google's Pixel range of smartphones are the first ones to get new Android updates. However, there are times when new OTA (over the air) updates don't reach specific regions in time. Google seems to have provided a solution where users can manually install an update through the Pixel Repair Tool.

As per a report, the Pixel Repair Tool uses something called ‘WebUSB’ technology. With this, the user can directly connect their Pixel phones to the web app.

In order to use this method of updating you will require:

·       Your Pixel Phone

·       A laptop or a computer

·       Internet connection

For updating your phone manually with the latest OTA updates, follow these steps:

1.  Open the browser on your computer and go to the Pixel Update and Software Repair page (https://pixelrepair.withgoogle.com)

2.  Select Carrier from which the Pixel phone was purchased.

3.  Enable Rescue Mode on phone. This mode can be accessed by turning off your phone and then restart by simultaneously pressing and holding the volume down and power buttons. After a few seconds, a Bootloader screen will appear wherein you will have to use the volume keys to scroll, to reach the ‘Rescue mode’ option. Once you reach the option press power button to enable it.

4.  Connect the Pixel phone to the system with the help of a USB cable.

5.  A pop up will appear on screen once the phone is connected. Grant access to the phone.

6.  Once access is granted, the tool will show you if a new update is available or not. If there is an update that is compatible with your device, an option reading ‘Update Recommended’ will appear on screen.

7.  On clicking the option a pop asking the user to confirm the action will appear. After the user confirms it the update will automatically get installed on the phone.

What needs to be noted here is that while the update is downloading the phone should not be disconnected from the PC. Also, the tool is currently not available for users in India, but should soon be available in due time.