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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Review: The Brilliant Air Purifier Adds a Cool Quotient With Heating

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Review: The Brilliant Air Purifier Adds a Cool Quotient With Heating

This is perhaps the most advanced air purifier that you can get your hands on right now, and also the smartest.

There are indoor air purifiers, and then there are indoor air purifiers that are smarter than the rest. And then there is something that takes smartness up another notch. That is exactly what the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier is. The latest addition to Dyson’s air purifier line-up in India, which already has the Dyson Pure Cool Advanced Technology (Rs 38,900 onwards) and the Dyson Pure Cool Link (Rs 35,900). The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is priced at Rs 52,900 but what’s different, you may ask. Well, that is the price you pay for the purification from filters that are perhaps the best in the business, as well as the ability to heat up the room, but not exactly how your traditional room heater might.

The iconic Dyson design language

In terms of the design, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is taller than the desk version of the Dyson Pure Cool Advanced Technology purifier but is definitely shorter than the tower version of the same purifier. You have the complete flexibility of keeping this on a low table or directly on the floor. That said, the design retains the Dyson hallmarks complete with the annular loop that can go around 350-degrees in oscillation mode (you can choose between 45-degrees, 90-degrees and 180-degrees too, depending on the placement in your room), the circular display for real-time stats, a diffused air circulation mode and the 360-degree air intake vents. This is available in the Iron/Blue and White/Silver colour options, and both look really classy, to say the least.

Can never be satisfied with innovation, can you?

At first glance, it is quite easy to figure that the filter chamber of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is slightly thicker than the Dyson Pure Cool, which this succeeds. The Pure Cool itself was an advancement over the Pure Cool Link, in terms of a larger filter. Compared with the Pure Cool, Dyson has made the filters of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool even thicker. There are more borosilicate fibers woven together to make the HEPA filter even more efficient in capturing even smaller particles that may otherwise remain unseen to our eyes. There is more activated carbon too, and all this is put together with seals that ensure that the dust captured in these filters never pops back out into the air in your room. You can multiply this by two—because there are two sets of the filters, once installed from the front and the other around the back to complete what is, in a way, a complete circle. The display now has an updated mode that tells you about the filter life of the HEPA as well as activated carbon filters—this is quite helpful indeed. This is bright, crisp to read even from a distance with nicely placed font sizes and colours, and includes data such as PM 2.5 levels, humidity in the room, VOCs, Wi-Fi connectivity and more. In fact, this is ambient light sensitive as well, and when you turn down the lights in the room as you sign off for the day, the display illumination also reduces automatically.

Quite hot, and very cool

The biggest addition to the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, as the name suggests, has something to do with heating up the room. There are Positive Temperature Coefficients (PTC) heating elements vertically placed in either end of the annular loop, which meet the air and then heat it up, before it emerges from the vents. When you switch on the heating mode, it is indeed very effective in heating up the room even on a cold winter day. Even setting the room temperature to around 20 degrees on the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool makes it incredibly comfortable. One of the biggest improvements in terms of heating which the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool brings to the table is the fact that unlike traditional heaters in a bedroom, irrespective of type, this does not compromise the moisture content in the room’s air.

That being said, the “cool” in the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is all about circulating the air in your room in such a way that the ambient temperature falls by about 2 degrees.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool’s filters can capture particles as small as 0.1 micron, which is 100 times thinner than the width of the human hair. These particles can not only enter our lungs but can also join the blood stream. Most indoor air purifier filters can capture particles 0.3 micron or larger. It is no joke to clean the air and then keep a 300 sq. ft. room air clean, but the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool brought the air down from an unhealthy 91 gram/cubic meter (g/m3) to 14g/m3 in 15 minutes in auto mode—the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool has the advantage of having the circulation speed go up to 10, whereas most indoor air purifiers are limited to fan speeds up to 5 levels. It was then able to keep it stable even with movement and activity in the room. Even at the higher air circulation speeds, it never becomes uncomfortably noisy. In fact, the sound of the air emerging from the channels on the annular loop is actually quite a charming audio experience (or that could be a fallout of our love for cars). At night, with the air flow set at level 2, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool purified the air to an unbelievable 2g/m3 and kept it stable at that.

Smart, very smart

The Dyson Link app (free for Android and iOS) is by far the best implementation we have seen among all smart purifiers thus far, and this includes the likes of Blueair, Honeywell and Philips. You get the current indoor air stats as well as the outdoor air stats for your city, and historical data of the air quality in your room. You can also control everything from the fan speed to the operation mode to controlling the 350-degree oscillation or even use your finger on the slider dial to chance the angle of the annular loop. The Pure Hot + Cool connects with 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections, and the responsiveness to any changes you make via the app are instantaneous. You can also control the Pure Hot + Cool with voice commands, if you have an Amazon Alexa powered Echo speaker at home and you have enabled the Dyson skill in the Amazon Alexa app.

[caption id="attachment_2051443" align="alignnone" ]
Dyson’s POLAR test attempts to replicate some of these real-world usage scenarios to calculate the performance of an air purifier.[/caption]

A lot of style, and a lot of substance

There is also the small matter of how Dyson has honed the skills of the Pure Hot + Cool. While most air purifiers are rated by companies using something known as a clean air delivery rate (CADR) tests, Dyson uses another test called POLAR. There are fine differences. The CADR test is done in a room around 11.8m2 (127 sq ft) in size, where the purifier is placed in the middle of the room, with an added fan to circulate the air around the room and only one sensor to measure air quality. This is, in no way, representative of most of our living rooms, which not only will be larger, but may not always have a ceiling fan to circulate the air (in winters, for instance) and surely don’t have space for a purifier in the middle of the room. On its part, Dyson’s POLAR test attempts to replicate some of these real-world finer points. “POLAR test lab is based on a larger room size of 27m2 (290 sq ft), with no added fan as we don’t use fans in peak pollution winter season in India. The air purifier is placed in corner of the room which replicates how it is used in real homes and pollution is pumped in the other corner. The test uses eight sensors in the corners of the room and one sensor in the centre, detecting particles of indoor air pollution that are 300 times narrower than a human hair,” is how Dyson describes the POLAR test bed, before adding that the data from all nine sensors is analyzed.

It is the price you pay for finesse

When you first look at the price tag of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, chances are you will say it is a tad too expensive and move on. However, this is perhaps the most advanced air purifier that you can get your hands on right now, and also the smartest. The fine attention to detail, how the little things make the biggest difference and the fact that it is your air purifier, fan and heater all built in one (and a better performer in each aspect compared with standalone devices) makes this absolutely worth investing in. And we say ‘investing’, because it is your health at the end of the day.