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E3 2021: All Major Game Showcases Expected From Ubisoft, Microsoft, Nintendo and More

By: Shouvik Das


Last Updated: June 12, 2021, 17:23 IST

E3 2021: All Major Game Showcases Expected From Ubisoft, Microsoft, Nintendo and More

E3 2021 is expected to shed more light on games such as Halo Infinite, new Pokemon titles, Far Cry 6, a Resident Evil reboot, a GTA 5 remaster and many, many more.

E3 2021 is almost here, and like every year (barring 2020, of course), there are plenty of games set to be showcased this year. For some, it will be about additional content that adds to existing storylines. For others, there are new titles in tow, including some very exciting big names as well. This year, the biggest reveals of E3 2021 is expected to come from the likes of Ubisoft, Microsoft, Square Enix, Take-Two, Capcom and Nintendo, while both Sony and Electronic Arts may have a few things to add in the sidelines of the event. All things considered, here’s looking at the biggest expectations we have in sight, for the upcoming four days of E3 2021.

Ubisoft Forward to preview Far Cry 6 and more

This year’s Ubisoft Forward is expected to carry ample big guns to excite all. The headline act is expected to be more gameplay details of Far Cry 6, which everyone has been waiting for. Also in line should be new content for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and possibly even some visuals into the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake. The latter, however, is only poised for a 2022 release, so you should instead watch out for other Ubisoft titles such as Brawlhalla, Trackmania, Watch Dogs: Legion and more.

Time: Saturday, June 12, 11:30PM

Microsoft’s Bethesda, Xbox keynote to showcase Halo Infinite, others

The Microsoft keynote is specifically titled Xbox and Bethesda, which gives clear information into what we should be expecting. Beginning with Xbox, it might finally be time for us to see more of Halo: Infinite, while the next Forza game may also be showcased as part of games that make the most of the new Xbox Series X. Also expect exclusives such as Stalker 2, State of Decay 3 to show up, alongside possible new title announcements. Microsoft is also likely to show off a host of new indie titles for the Xbox, and Bethesda may do its bit by launching Elder Scrolls 6, the new Indiana Jones game and more. Starfield may also be showcased on the stage.

Time: Sunday, June 13, 10:30PM

Square Enix to show new Avengers and Final Fantasy gameplay

Square Enix will apparently show new stuff for the Marvel: Avengers game that largely received mixed reviews from all of us. As said before, this world was slated to constantly expand, and E3 2021 might host just that. Beyond Avengers, Square Enix is slated to showcase games from the Final Fantasy series, while Life is Strange: True Colors is also expected to be showcased on stage. Some speculations even expect to see Babylon’s Fall in action, which has remained in sidelines for a while now. Even the next Tomb Raider game might be shown by Square Enix.

Time: Monday, June 14, 12:45AM

Take-Two to bring remastered GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption

Despite not having any major big ticket launches scheduled, Take-Two makes it to the most-anticipated list thanks to the might of GTA. Rumours around GTA 6 refuse to die down, and while it most likely won’t launch here, we can’t really be sure until the keynote’s done. Realistically, we’re expecting remastered versions of Red Dead Redemption and GTA 5.

Time: Monday, June 14, 10:45PM

Capcom to present Resident Evil 4 remake

Like Take-Two, Capcom does not have headline stealers, at least as per expectations. There might be gameplay expansions of the new Resident Evil: Village, and a full-scale reboot of the old Resident Evil 4, among Capcom’s biggest highlights.

Time: Tuesday, June 15, 3AM

Nintendo may finally unveil the Switch Pro

In terms of games, the Nintendo Treehouse live showcase is expected to present a whole bunch of Nintendo fan favourites, which include Metroid Prime, Bayonetta, and of course, games from the Pokemon stable. The latter may see the introduction of Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, while teasers of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is not out of question, either. The biggest talk of the town, however, is whether Nintendo would actually launch the much anticipated Nintendo Switch Pro, with a larger OLED display and better internals in tow.

Time: Tuesday, June 15, 9:30PM

Sony, Valve and EA outside E3 2021

None among Sony, Valve and EA would have official EA presentations. However, there may be game announcements to come on the sidelines of E3 2021, from each of them. Sony may host a parallel State of Play showcase, which would premiere exclusive PS5 content, including new games such as Lost Judgement, and gameplay showcases for Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West. However, all of this will remain away from the main E3 show floor.

Valve, the ones behind Steam, will host its own Steam Next Fest from the day after E3’s closing, which too are expected to showcase many new titles coming to PC, including teasers and gameplays. For EA, while there may be a trailer of two of Battlefield 2042 at E3 2021, expect most announcements to only come at the EA Play Live event slated for July 22.

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