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E3 2021: India Timing of All Keynotes and Showcases, and How to Watch


Last Updated: June 12, 2021, 13:57 IST

E3 2021: India Timing of All Keynotes and Showcases, and How to Watch

E3 2021 starts off with a pre-show stream at 10:30PM tonight, and will conclude with an awards show at 5:15AM on June 16. Here are all the sessions that you should catch.

E3 2021 is finally here, and with it, the world’s biggest gaming convention has opened doors in a virtual avatar for the very first time. This year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has allowed all users to attend without paying for a ticket, and all that users need to do is to head to the E3 2021 official website and sign up, and enjoy the entire four-day event through their web browsers or through the official E3 smartphone app. The conference has major sessions from Ubisoft, Microsoft and Nintendo, while Sony has made it a practice to skip E3 but host its own showcase on the sidelines. With all of this in sight, here’s looking at all the sessions in line at E3 2021, including their exact India timings, and how you can watch them online.

E3 2021: How to watch

The virtual E3 2021 can be viewed best via web browsers or through the official E3 smartphone app. On browsers, users can simply login to the E3 2021 website, register themselves in the appropriate category among exhibitor, fan, industry member or media, and use the login credentials to catch all the showcases through the official site itself. E3 2021 is also expected to be streamed directly to Twitch and YouTube for live, public viewing, so keep an eye out on the official E3 channels on these platforms as well.

E3 2021: All keynotes and showcases in IST

The biggest E3 2021 sessions are expected to be hosted by Ubisoft, Microsoft and Nintendo, but there’s plenty else to view as well. Capcom, Take-Two and Bandai Namco will all be there, while as per custom, PC Gamer will host two sessions – the PC Gaming Show and the Future Games Show, which also attract a fair bit of attention every year. Here’s the full schedule for everyone interested.

  • June 12, 10:30PM: Day 1: E3 2021 pre-show
  • June 13, 12:30AM: Keynote: Ubisoft Forward
  • June 13, 2:30AM: Showcase: Gearbox
  • June 13, 3:15AM: Showcase: GamesBeat
  • June 13, 9:15PM: Day 2: E3 2021 pre-show
  • June 13, 10PM: Showcase: 24 Entertainment’s Naraka: Bladepoint
  • June 13, 10:30PM: Keynote: Xbox and Bethesda by Microsoft
  • June 14, 00:45AM: Keynote: Square Enix
  • June 14, 2:30AM: Showcase: Warner Bros Games’ Back 4 Blood
  • June 14, 3AM: PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show
  • June 14, 4:30AM: PC Gamer’s Future Games Show
  • June 14, 8:30PM: Day 3: E3 2021 pre-show
  • June 14, 9:30PM: Showcase: Verizon
  • June 14, 10:15PM: Showcase: Intellivision
  • June 14, 10:45PM: Keynote: Take-Two Interactive
  • June 14, 11:40PM: Showcase: Mythical Games
  • June 15, 00:30AM: Indie Games Show
  • June 15, 1AM: Showcase: Freedom Games showcase
  • June 15, 1:30AM: Showcase: Venn’s Origin Stories with Hector Rodriguez
  • June 15, 3AM: Keynote: Capcom
  • June 15, 3:30AM: Keynote: Razer
  • June 15, 8:30PM: Day 4: E3 2021 pre-show
  • June 15, 9:30PM: Keynote: Nintendo Direct, with Nintendo Treehouse showcase
  • June 16, 2:55AM: Keynote: Bandai Namco
  • June 16, 3:50AM: Keynote: Yooreka Studio
  • June 16, 4:05AM: Showcase: GameSpot’s Play for All
  • June 16, 5:15AM: E3 2021 awards show

As with every year, E3 2021 brings some of the most exciting annual games showcases, with the attention being clearly divided among PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Mobile gaming, while having grown in its own right, may still not be considered quite in the same league, and it will be interesting to see if any of the big ticket gaming houses showcase games made for mobile platforms. On the hardware front, Nintendo has the highest amount of speculations, with reports suggesting that the Nintendo Switch Pro may finally see the light of the day. More shall be revealed in the coming days, from which we will be bringing you in-depth coverage in terms of announcements, gameplays and more.

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