EA Sports Promises to Fix FIFA 20 Career Mode After Being Slammed on Twitter

EA Sports Promises to Fix FIFA 20 Career Mode After Being Slammed on Twitter

The Career Mode of FIFA 20 has been causing trouble for EA Sports, with match congestion issues, unrealistic Dynamic Potential changes, and easy Ultimate Difficulty.

Just a week after its launch on September 24, the Career Mode of FIFA 20 has already caused trouble for EA Sports. The problem has reached a point where #FixCareerMode has become popular on Twitter. The company has acknowledged the issues with the buggy Career Mode and has also promised to fix the glitches. EA Sports, who make FIFA, have responded, “The team is aware and prioritizing fixes for this area and have been successful in identifying some of the issues.”

In the Career Mode, the game player takes charge of a team as a manager and play as that team as they go through a football season. However, fans are facing some unusual issues, like the opposition managers (AI-controlled teams) choosing weaker line-ups when playing against a human character. For example, teams like Manchester City and Liverpool play their reserve team instead of first-team regulars. There are also issues with match congestion, which is being caused due to rescheduling, unrealistic Dynamic Potential changes for players and easy Ultimate Difficulty. There are irrelevant questions being asked at the Press Conferences. Additionally, if certain teams win the UEFA Europa League get promoted to the UEFA Champions League, the league breaks.

While the company has vowed to look into the matter and fix the problem, it has not specified the time period within which the glitches will be resolved.

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