Essential's Next Smartphone Revealed Featuring Unusually Tall Design

Essential Products' Smartphone 'Project Gem'
(File Photo)

Essential Products' Smartphone 'Project Gem' (File Photo)

The handset looks like a TV remote from the future.

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Andy Rubin, the founder of Essential and co-creator of Android, recently tweeted images of the next Essential device. And instead of confirming rumours like Google, Essential's leak has only raised more questions than before. Rubin took to Twitter to post images of the new device revealing an elongated phone with an extremely tall UI composed of card-like apps, but with big buttons that look like they’d be perfectly at home on a smartwatch.

Notably, the phone looks extremely small in Rubin's hands as well. The device seems to sport a large button and volume rocker on the right edge and a fingerprint scanner on the back, which appears to be below the single main camera. The images further highlight the flashy finish at the back that changes hues when viewed from different angles.

Speaking to The Verge, an Essential spokesperson confirmed that this is the company's new phone, adding that they have been working on a new device that is now in early testing with their team outside the lab. Essential took to Twitter to share some official images of the phone as well. Turns out they have named it Project Gem. The original Essential smartphone was known for its flashy design. According to some leaked code snippets spotted by XDA-Developers, the Gem may activate its voice when one taps their finger to the divot that is placed at the back. The code snippets mention a 'fingerprint walkie talkie' mode according to XDA-Developers. Furthermore, reports also state that it runs Android and point at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 processor.

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