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Facebook Dark Mode: Android Users to Get Feature from Jan 22

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Last Updated: January 24, 2020, 13:29 IST

Representative image. (Photo: Jane Wong)

Representative image. (Photo: Jane Wong)

While Facebook's dark mode feature is still in the testing stage, its Messenger App had earlier rolled out the dark mode for all its users.

Facebook has been working on a dark theme for its own app for a while, with isolated reports of it being tested surfacing in the past as well. However, the feature was only available to a select few so far. Now, more users have recently taken to various platforms to state that they have been intermittently spotting the dark mode on their mobile apps, particularly on Facebook for Android. Over the past couple of days, Facebook is seemingly testing the dark theme with more users in a bid to ramp up its application across all the sections of the app.

So far, Facebook has rolled out the dark theme on its messaging app, Messenger, as well as the photo sharing platform, Instagram. WhatsApp is also said to be on the verge of getting the mode as well, but despite making a lot of noise and hovering in the beta circles, the dark mode for WhatsApp beta has not rolled out as a stable release, as yet. According to reports, dark mode users can choose how long to keep it for, much like how scheduled system wide dark mode works.

WhatsApp is Facebook’s third major app to offer dark mode feature after Instagram and Messenger. For Instagram users, the dark mode is not enabled by default, and users are needed to activate it from settings. In order to turn dark mode on Instagram, a user has to go to Android or iOS device setting. To use this feature, Instagram users have to update the device’s operating system to iOS 13 or Android 10, and the App as well. By turning on the dark theme, you will be able to see the feature on your Instagram app.

Different apps are offering this feature for two reasons. One, some researchers believe that bright screens actually have a negative effect on sleep patterns. Besides, the bright screen is believed to put a strain on eyes at night. The second reason behind rolling out dark theme is the pixel colour, which is said to have a direct effect on the phone’s battery. With the dark theme, a device’s battery may last longer as it is believed that black pixels use significantly less energy than the white ones.