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Facebook Dark Mode for Android in Works with New Design, Reveals Code Researcher

Representative image. (Photo: Jane Wong)

Representative image. (Photo: Jane Wong)

The Dark Mode for Facebook's app will be a very welcome addition to the platform, as against the stark white theme that looks very sharp in the eye.

Facebook is reportedly working on a Dark Mode for its Android app alongside a new redesign of its entire interface. Revealed by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, hidden code underneath the new FB5 redesign of the Facebook Android app carries preliminary coding for an app-wide dark mode, suggesting that Facebook is presently in preliminary stages of creating a dark mode for its app interface, which would hopefully be released just after the new interface rolls out.

Dark Mode appears to be the biggest user interface trend of 2019, with Google introducing a system-wide dark mode with Android Q, and individual apps such as Twitter also getting a dark mode. Inherently, the dark theme helps eyes adjust better when reading in the dark, and should help reduce eye strain as part of digital wellbeing initiatives of technology firms. However, given how massive and elaborate the Facebook app is, expect the update for a dark interface to take a while to be implemented as a stable build.

Facebook's upcoming redesign of the app is slated to be a significant one, which changes how users fundamentally access the social media platform. The newsfeed format is set to be replaced by events and groups, showing Facebook's intent in proving itself to be more of a community platform, than one that provides information as the key commodity. Given that it wants users to access the platform round the clock, a Dark Mode might prove to be quite beneficial for those who browse the Facebook app at night.

For more information about the upcoming dark mode on Facebook, read Wong's detailed post about it here.