Facebook Is Finally Bringing Dark Mode to Its Android, iOS App

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook announced the development in collaboration with reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong.

Facebook is finally bringing dark mode to its mobile app on Android and iOS. The company teased the dark mode in collaboration with reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who said that the feature is being publicly tested. Alongside the teaser, Wong shared a clip that demonstrates how the Facebook app will look in dark mode. "You asked it (dark mode), I chatted with Facebook’s Alexandru Voica about it (dark mode) and here’s a video made in collaboration with Facebook!," Wang said in a tweet.

While there is still a while for a public rollout, a report in MacRumours says that some iOS users are already reporting to have gotten access to the new night-friendly mode. If a user has got dark mode on their app, they will see a 'Dark Mode' option in the settings and privacy section under the Menu tab. It can be toggled on/off by the user and Facebook also allows for it to be adjusted to system-level settings. Facebook will also adapt to automatic dark mode settings that change the theme according to the time of the day.

Dark mode on the Facebook app has been a much anticipated feature, and the social media giant is also quite late in bringing the feature to its mobile app. Facebook had rolled out dark mode for desktop in March this year, and other Facebook apps like Instagram and WhatsApp have had the option since quite a while.

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