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Facebook Launches Its Free-to-Play Cloud Gaming Service for Android and Desktop

Representative Image

Representative Image

Facebook's free-to-play cloud games are available to limited users in the US. The company is yet to share more details about its global availabiliy.

Facebook has become the latest tech giant to enter the world of cloud gaming; however, unlike its competitors like Google Stadia or Amazon Luna which have standalone platforms, the company would rollout games directly on its social media platform. According to The Verge, the beta version of multiple titles is currently available to limited users in the US who can access them via Facebook web and its app for Android. The Facebook cloud gaming, at the moment, will not debut on iOS devices due to restriction imposed by Apple through its app policies, the report adds.

Speaking more about the development, Facebook vice president of play Jason Rubin told The Verge that the initial games on its cloud service would be free-to-play and users are not obligated to use buy extra hardware such as a controller. The games will be available in a dedicated section within Facebook Games tab, and its HTML5 instant games will still be available for users. Titles like Asphalt 9 and the idle roleplaying game Mobile Legends: Adventure are already available for limited users, and Facebook is expected to add more games soon. Interestingly, the reports that in case users switch from the Facebook cloud game (say Asphalt 9) to the dedicated app, all the data is transferable when the user logs in with its Facebook account.

The Facebook executive further told the publication that Facebook’s approach towards cloud gaming “philosophically” different from its competitors as the platform is not aiming to bring big exclusive games but rather quick, easy-to-pick-up titles. However, the company would not dismiss the possibility of adding exclusive games in the future, the executive indicated.

Facebook over a decade has been offering instant games on its platform, and during its initial run, several HTML5 titles including FarmVille had a huge user base. According to the company, the new Facebook cloud gaming service is an extension of Games integrated on the Facebook platform. It is unclear whether the cloud gaming service will come to the company’s Facebook Gaming app that was launched earlier this year. Facebook is also yet to announce its development officially as well as provide its global availability details.

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