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Facebook Rolls Out Its Short Music Video App Collab on iOS to Rival TikTok

Collab app by Facebook's NPE Team.

Collab app by Facebook's NPE Team.

Collab is developed by Facebook's NPE team, and it has been available to select users in beta version since May this year. Its global availability details are yet to be disclosed.

Facebook's R&D Team, the New Product Experimentation (NPE) has rolled out its TikTik-inspired short music video platform Collab publicly to users in the US. Collab, as the name suggests, allows music creators to collaborate with other artists on the platform to create a music file in a short video format. The development of the app started in Maythis year, and now the company is rolling it out to iOS users in the country. Collab's availability details for Android users and global markets remain unclear at the moment.

Announcing its public launch in a blog post, Facebook's NPE team says that it added several updates to the app to make the "creation, sharing and discovery of new collabs" easier. The company has also improved the audio syncing tech so that sounds that are off-tempo can align itself with the full clip perfectly. "After testing with dozens of headsets and hardware configurations, we’ve optimized the experience for loads of setups. You can even use external audio interfaces to bring music from electronic instruments like keyboards, guitars and drum kits into your recordings," the post read.

In terms of its usage, Collab is similar to TikTok, though users here can sync three videos in landscape mode simultaneously. However, the final video would be available in a vertical-format that can be shared on the app or other social media platforms. "Once you have created a collab, you can publish it for others to watch and mix and match further. You can also share yours or others' creations to Instagram, Facebook Stories, or any other platform, with just a few taps," the company had said back in May.

Interestingly, Collab is not Facebook's first take to rival the growing popularity of TikTok. Back in 2018, NPE had launched a similar app called Lasso that allowed users to create short videos and record themselves while dancing and lip-syncing to music, similar to TikTok. The app was slated to launch in India this year.