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Facebook Rolls Out Redesigned Desktop Interface, Comes With Dark Mode Support

Image for Representation.

Image for Representation.

Facebook is sending out invites to some users for its redesigned desktop interface which is being called ‘The New Facebook’.

Back in April last year, Facebook announced that it is planning a major redesign coming for its web interface. Now, the social media giant is reportedly rolling out the new interface, but only to limited users. For now, the rollout on the desktop site is on an invite-only basis. This is the same interface that was talked about in April 2019, and is currently being tested.

The news about rolling out was first reported by CNET, according to which Facebook is rolling out the latest interface for the desktop to a small number of users. Rest of the users are expected to receive the new Facebook redesign by April this year. The redesign is being called 'The New Facebook' by the company.

As per the report, ‘The New Facebook’ comes with dark mode support. Once the invite is accepted, users can either set the website to use white backgrounds and bright colours, or they can choose to have a dark background. This will be similar to how various apps have updated their user interface to go with the dark mode on iPhones and various Android-powered devices. Users can also give their feedback to the company, detailing how the redesign is working for them

Apart from the dark mode, the new design will also offer other features. The normal view mode on the desktop will now be brighter and convenient. It will also offer a navigation bar and vertical sidebars. The redesign is expected to roll out on a larger basis in April 2020.