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Facebook to Shut Down Stories in Groups Feature on September 26

Image for Representation

Image for Representation

Nine months after being introduced, Facebook is removing its Group Stories feature and preventing users from creating new ones. However, individual stories remain unaffected.

Facebook is shutting another feature. Barely nine months after introducing the feature, the social media giant has decided to shut down the Group Stories feature on, September 26, at 9.30 pm. The confirmation has come from commentator Matt Navarra, who tweeted about the latest change recently. He tweeted, “Facebook is killing Stories in Groups! The feature will be removed from ALL groups on Sept 26. Source: Facebook.”

While, after the given time, Facebook will both delete any existing Stories and prevent users from creating new ones, individual stories should remain unaffected. Given the fact that it is being closed nine months after being introduced, it can be said that the feature was not in much use. In a statement given to CNET, a Facebook spokesperson said, “We’re sunsetting group stories because we want to make sure that features in groups enable people to connect in fun and useful ways, and we’re always looking at ways to improve the overall experience for communities on Facebook.”

While the feature to share group stories is being disabled, Facebook users will still be able to post ephemeral content through their personal profiles. Facebook groups are an online space, where the users come together and chat about common interests. As per the CNET report, more than 1.4 billion people on Facebook use groups every month.