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Facebook's New Apple Watch App 'Kit' Now Lets Users Send Messages With Just One Tap

Representative image.

Representative image.

While Facebook Messenger already offers an Apple Watch app, Kit's aim is to focus specifically on close contacts.

Facebook's experimental app team unveiled Kit or 'Keep in Touch', an app for the Apple Watch that aims to let people keep in touch with their close friends without having to pick up a phone. The app, which works using a combination of QR codes and Facebook Messenger will let users send messages with one tap, including audio recordings, emoji, location sharing etc. The Kit app will also allow users to receive and respond to notifications and also reading the contact's messages as well.

While the main Facebook Messenger app already supports the Apple Watch, Kit is more focused on keeping in touch with close contacts, such as a significant other, best friend, or family member. It is safe to assume that Kit is a simplified version of the Messenger app on Apple Watch for keeping in touch with only a few people.

Kit is the second app released by Facebook's NPE team which stands for "New Product Experimentation". So far, the NPE team has unveiled a variety of new apps, including "Tuned", a messaging app designed to provide "a private space" for couples to connect.

While Kit is grabbing eyes for being the first of Facebook's NPE Team apps to launch on Apple Watch, it is equally important to note, that the app comes at a time when many people around the world are separated from friends and family due to social distancing guidelines because of the coronavirus pandemic.