FIFA 21 First Look, Price in India Revealed, Promising 'Major' Gameplay Improvements

FIFA 21 releases for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, with backward compatibility, on October 9. (Image: Electronic Arts)

FIFA 21 releases for PC, PlayStation and Xbox, with backward compatibility, on October 9. (Image: Electronic Arts)

FIFA 21's first glimpse promises advanced lighting and physics to make gameplay more personal, unique for each player and intuitive.

Shouvik Das
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  • Last Updated: June 19, 2020, 1:55 PM IST
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FIFA 21’s first glimpse has been dropped at last night’s EA Play 2020. The next generation of the world’s most popular football (or soccer, if you must) game promises to make the most of the performance benefits of the upcoming Microsoft Xbox Series X and Sony PlayStation 5 consoles. The first glimpse trailer does not particularly reveal a lot about the upcoming game. However, the few isolated scenes shown in the brief trailer hint at incrementally improved physics, added realism in graphics, and even possible cut-scenes involving more of fans, surrounding areas of stadiums, lead-ups to games, more realistic dug-out scenes and the likes.

Release date and prices

FIFA 21 is earmarked for worldwide release on October 9. EA and Origin subscribers, as well as buyers of the FIFA 21 Champions and Ultimate editions will be able to start playing the game even earlier. As for the prices, FIFA 21 is priced at Rs 3,990 for Xbox, and Rs 3,999 for PC and PlayStation. The FIFA 21 Champions Edition is priced at 5,490 for Xbox, and Rs 5,499 for PC and PlayStation. The Ultimate Edition, meanwhile, will cost Rs 6,490 for Xbox, and Rs 6,499 for PC and PlayStation. Pre-orders for FIFA 21 can already be made now.

For those who pre-order the Champions Edition, EA will allow prior access to FIFA 21 from October 6. Subscribing to EA Access on consoles, or Origin Access to PC will allow players prior access from October 1, and also a 10 percent discount on the price of the game. Hence, existing EA/Origin Access subscribers can get FIFA 21 in India for Rs 3,599 after discount, along with being able to play it nine days before the general release.

Gameplay glimpses

According to EA’s presentation from last night, FIFA 21 will offer a more realistic gameplay experience that would include haptic controller feedback, incrementally improving levels of immersion and movement of players. According to EA, FIFA 21 is getting a new dynamic lighting system, which will improve the overall graphics to make faces, textures, muscle movements and other elements more realistic.

EA has also advertised what it calls is ‘stats-driven player movement’, which will improve overall animations to make the movement style of each player unique to them. In other words, FIFA is finally promising that player movements will no longer be generic, which seems like a tall claim. The improvements would also include last moment goals, where the celebrations would also involve more interactive fans, celebrating teammates in dugouts, and other interactive elements. The lead-up to matches will also include pre-game animations of stadiums and fans leading up to it – a glimpse of Liverpool’s Anfield stadium stands testimony to it.

However, EA has not spoken at length about the improvements that it has in plans for career mode, Volta, or any other story-driven narratives that the game might play out. While EA promises that this is an all new generation of the game, the updates mentioned so far still feel pretty incremental. More details are expected to be revealed in August, which can shed more light on what to expect from one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time.

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