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FIFA World Cup 2018, Facebook, Who Rules Social Media?

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Last Updated: July 06, 2018, 11:37 IST

(Image Credits: Adidas Football/ Twitter)

(Image Credits: Adidas Football/ Twitter)

FIFA World Cup 2018 has thrown up some surprises as well as loads of excitement. Facebook tells us what's been making buzzing on their platform when it comes to the World Cup.

It is easy to see why everyone loves the FIFA World Cup. Awesome goals, insane saves, incredible passes and a whole lot of emotions. The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, however, has taken things to a new level. Not just with the way the matches are panning out but with the way social media has reacted to the many happenings. It goes without saying that today’s world is a smaller one, thanks to social media. So apart from the FIFA World Cup, there appears to be a social media cup on as well. According to Facebook's initial engagement data around FIFA World Cup 2018, here is what's doing the rounds on Facebook -

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The Most Discussed Teams on Social Media

Argentina comes in at first place. Although already out of the world cup thanks to France, Argentina is still topping this list. Russia, the hosts of FIFA World Cup 2018, come rank second. What is often forgotten is the fact that they were the lowest ranked team to have qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2018, now they’re in the quarterfinals. Brazil comes in at number three. Considered to be one of the favourites to win the World Cup, Brazil’s sheer craze for football has never gone unnoticed. Portugal, at number four, was seen as a favourite due to their captain Cristiano Ronaldo before losing out to Uruguay. At number five, Nigeria always had something extra, thanks to the heart and soul of the Nigerian fans and players, right from the goals to the dances.

The Most Discussed Players on Social Media

Like Argentina, the captain of the team, Lionel Messi is in the lead when it comes to being discussed on Facebook. In at number two is Neymar Jr, the Brazil star has started to shine brightly in the World Cup with a recent 2-0 win over Mexico. Despite the loss to Uruguay, Portugal’s captain, Cristiano Ronaldo, comes in at number three. Barcelona’s attacking force, Philippe Coutinho, is very much alive and kicking in the FIFA World Cup with his performance for Brazil and comes in at number four. At number five is Germany’s Toni Kroos. Despite a game-winning free-kick in the dying minutes of the game against Sweden, Kroos and Germany exited the World Cup thanks to South Korea.

The Most Loved Facebook Post

This particular segment belongs to Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. This post came after a tightly contested match with Spain which ended with Ronaldo taking a breathtaking free-kick to equalise the score.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has been one of the most unpredictable yet exciting tournaments in recent memory. As stakes continue to rise and games get even more interesting with each stage, who will come out on top? Not only with regard to the football world but also the social one. We’ll keep close tabs on the Facebook’s engagement data and keep you up-to-date!

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