Firmware Update Has Broken Google Home And Google Home Mini For Many Users

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Google Home and Google Home Mini users have been complaining that post an OTA update, their devices are unresponsive even as all the display lights remain on.

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Google Home devices keep getting firmware updates constantly. However, users hardly notice any difference, unless there’s a big change or a new feature. However, a recent firmware update has attracted the attention of a number of users, who are reporting the issue on Google’s help forum and on Reddit. The complaints raised by users suggest that the Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers for a lot of users have been bricked following an OTA. While some lucky users have been able to resolve their device's issues by temporarily unplugging the power cable or performing a factory reset, most users have reported that their devices are completely unusable. If you too have been affected by the firmware update, you'll notice that your smart speaker’s four display lights always stay on.

On September 28, a Google community specialist wrote that “the team is working on this issue and checking the root cause since not all Google Home devices are affected.” However, users were not provided with any update on the issue. On October 23, another Google employee provided an update, writing, “We wanted to provide an update here… the team is aware of these specific issues with both Google Home Minis and Google Home devices becoming unresponsive and we're actively working on a fix. It has been very difficult for our team to diagnose this issue and we understand why many of you have been frustrated with this ongoing process. Our support team will be reaching out to customers on this thread via private messaging to further address this issue and come to a resolution.” However, it is to be noted that this issue doesn’t affect the Home Max, or the Home Hub or Nest-branded speakers.

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