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Five PUBG Locations That You Can Actually Visit in Real Life

Five PUBG Locations That You Can Actually Visit in Real Life

Did you know that a lot of locations on PUBG have been inspired by real-life locations that you can actually visit?

The virtual world of gaming is inching ever so close to reality. But did you know that a lot of games take inspiration from real-world scenarios, locations, items, and events. Take for instance the highly popular battle royale game, PUBG. A bunch of locations in the game are actually modeled around places that you can actually visit.

Here are some of them:

School (Erangel)

Centrally located on the Erangel map, the School primarily has two buildings. The smaller building has actually been designed around the abandoned school in Pripyat, Ukraine, where Azure Swimming Pool was affected by the Nuclear disaster that took place on 26 April 1986.

Sosnovka Bridge (Erangel)

The large bridge on Erangel that connects the main island with Sosnovka, is very popular when it comes to bridge camping and catching enemies off guard. That particular bridge is said to be inspired by the Howrah Bridge in West Bengal, India. It does look very similar, except you can’t block it with cars for an ambush in real life.

Ruins (Sanhok)

The large temple structure on the tropical map of Sanhok is known to be a fast-paced location in the game. Yes, you can actually experience it by visiting the Htukkanthein Temple in Mrauk U, Western Myanmar. Htukkanthein was built with the dual purpose of being a fortress and a Buddhist temple.

Mylta Power (Erangel)

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant witnessed the world’s biggest nuclear disaster in human history. Mylta Power from Erangel has been designed to depict the Chernobyl disaster that occurred on 26 April 1986 in Pripyat, Ukraine. Mylta Power is not exactly made like Chernobyl, but it does give a feel of how it would be to roam around a restricted nuclear power plant.

Bhan (Sanhok)

The spawn location on Sanhok, better known as Bhan, is an actual real-life place. The Sai Ngam Banyan Grove in Thaliand is the inspiration for the location which is a very famous tourist destination. Notably, the actual place is covered in banyan trees, however the location on the map is not densely populated with trees.