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Five Upcoming WhatsApp Features You Should Look Out For

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Last Updated: October 28, 2019, 16:47 IST

Representative Image (AFP Relaxnews)

Representative Image (AFP Relaxnews)

WhatsApp's one billion users might have to wait a bit more for the much-awaited Dark Mode which is still under development.

WhatsApp continues to bring cheer to its Android, iOS and other Android users with its new features. The popular social messaging app that had crossed one billion users almost half a year back is growing by leaps and bounds. WhatsApp initially tests all its latest features on beta versions, which can also be experienced by users of the messaging service app. In the latest, WhatsApp has introduced some new features including self-destructing messages among others. But there are quite a few features that are still not out for the public, here's a quick look at them:

Self-Destructing Messages
One of the more interesting features to be introduced by WhatsApp, self-destructing messages, will see messages self-destruct after a stipulated interval of time. Users of WhatsApp can turn on self-destructing messages and fix a time under which, all the messages will be self-destructed. The self-destructing messages feature will leave no trace of messages deleted in the chat like the 'delete for everyone’ option, which currently shows that the message has been deleted. With the latest feature, it will just be like the message on the chat never existed.

Hide Muted Status
WhatsApp will soon roll out hide mute status feature that will enable users to mute status updates. WhatsApp has started to roll out the beta version on Android and it could soon be seen in other versions of WhatsApp too. The feature will allow users to hide the status updates of those users whose numbers are kept on the mute mode in the contact list. To access the feature the user will have to click on a new button 'hide' that will be visible on top of the muted status updates section. If the user wants to restore the visibility of hidden muted status updates, he/she can do that by clicking on 'show'.

New Group Privacy
In April this year, WhatsApp had rolled out a feature called Group Privacy Settings. With the help of the feature, a user can stay away from getting added to WhatsApp groups. Now, according to the report, the update, New group privacy, will replace 'Nobody' with 'My contacts except'. With this change, a user will be able to select a set of contacts, who won’t be able to add the user to any group.

Splash Screen
The new feature will enable users to see the logo of WhatsApp whenever they open the messaging service platform. The Splash Screen feature is available to WhatsApp beta users on Android and iOS.

Dark Mode
One of the much-awaited features by WhatsApp users is the Dark mode. The social messaging service platform, which is working on a dark mode for the app, hasn’t confirmed by when the feature will be ready. However, the app has confirmed that the Dark Theme is not available as yet. It further said, "WhatsApp has been working very hard on the feature in the recent few updates, in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you, before the release for everyone." For users who have updated WhatsApp with the dark theme should not worry if the Dark Mode is not visible for them since it is still under development.