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Five WhatsApp Features That We Are Waiting For

Five WhatsApp Features That We Are Waiting For

WhatsApp does not have Dark Mode, Secret Chat or Self-Destruct messages like other instant messaging apps as yet.

WhatsApp, which is certainly one of the most commonly used messaging apps, unsurprisingly crossed the one billion downloads benchmark. There are some highly anticipated features that will soon make its way to the app some of which include Dark Mode, self-destructing messages among others. Here's a quick look at them:

1. Dark Mode

Available for other Facebook-owned apps like Messenger and Instagram, dark mode has not reached WhatsApp yet. With this feature, the interface of the app appears in a dark colour, which is usually black. One of the biggest benefits of this mode apart from being less strenuous on eyes is that it saves the battery. The feature has made its way to the beta version, which means that it won't be long before it is rolled out for all users.

2. Bigger group capacity:

Till date WhatsApp only allows its users to add up to 256 members in a group, while its rival offers a capacity of adding 5000 members in a group. Hopefully the company will soon expand the number in the coming updates.

3. Own Storage:

Chat backups including text messages and media files is usually done on Google Drive or iCloud for Android or iOS users respectively. If a user switches from an Android device to an iOS device there is no way in which he or she can retrieve their backup.

4. Self Destruct Messages:

This feature primarily allows users to set a timer on the messages after which the message will automatically delete itself. Once the message is deleted it is expected that it will leave no trace of its existence.

5. Secret Chat

This privacy-centric feature could be a great addition to the messaging app. Offered on Telegram, a conversation that takes place in this mode cannot be traced or recorded. The company has claimed that the exchange of messages in this mode does not leave any trace on its servers. Furthermore, if a screenshot of the chat window in Secret Chat mode is taken, then both the parties of the conversation are notified.