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Flipkart SmartPack Will Let You Subscribe Your Phone and Upgrade it Every Year: How it Works

Flipkart SmartPack Will Let You Subscribe Your Phone and Upgrade it Every Year: How it Works

The Flipkart SmartPack plan will give you a smartphone and bundled services, which you can upgrade after 12-18 months and avail a high value money-back offer on it.

Walmart-owned e-commerce giant Flipkart has introduced a unique ‘Flipkart SmartPack’ subscription-based offering that guarantees money-back on new smartphone purchases, after a 12-month or 18-month tenure. By paying for a 12-month or 18-month SmartPack subscription starting January 17, consumers can purchase a new smartphone on the Flipkart app with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Users will need to pay the price of the smartphone upfront, and then a fixed charge for the SmartPack every month to be eligible for 100 percent money back. Further, the subscription service allows users to opt from a range of SmartPacks that include streaming services like SonyLIV, Zee5 Preimum, Voot Select, Zomato Pro, and more, which will be included in the fixed monthly fee.

The move is the first of its kind in India, and emulates the known model in USA and European nations to an extent. In other markets, telecom carriers offer contractual deals that allow users to pay a fixed fee per month for a device and content services, and avail an upgrade each year when a new variant is released. With Flipkart, the SmartPack subscription service comes as an option for customers to have an economical smartphone upgrade that also helps them access important services such as education, healthcare or entertainment. The Flipkart SmartPack has rolled out in both metros and regions beyond tier 3 markets. It will leverage on the strong demand for the affordable to mid-premium segment in the post-pandemic market.

Users will be able to choose from Gold, Silver, and Bronze packs that have been created by Flipkart, each with varying percentages of money back. As part of the program, customers will need to pay for their new smartphone and select the desired time period for their SmartPack. During this time period, users will need to pay a fixed monthly charge, which varies depending on the pack they choose starting at Rs 399. Once the SmartPack time period is over, customers can return the purchased smartphone to Flipkart and get money back in their bank account. However, the money back is subject to the smartphone's condition, which leaves open room for subjectivity.

Bundled services that would be included in various tiers of the SmartPack plans include SonyLiv, Zee5 Premium, Voot Select, Zomato Pro, Live and Practo Plus, among others. Users will initially be able to avail a subscription plan of their choice on most smartphone models in the Rs 6,000-17,000 price range, across popular brands like Realme, Poco, Samsung, Redmi, Motorola, Infinix, Oppo, Vivo and more. Further, customers will also be able to avail a wide range of offers from fashion and hospitality brands as part of their SmartPack. For all the details and the fine print of the offer, read the FAQ here.

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