Fortnite Gets 90FPS on Mobile, OnePlus Becomes First Exclusive Partner

Fortnite Gets 90FPS on Mobile, OnePlus Becomes First Exclusive Partner

Fortnite with 90fps is exclusively coming to the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, which also marks the arrival of the fast framerate on any platform.

Kunal Khullar
  • Last Updated: May 26, 2020, 7:15 PM IST
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OnePlus has partnered with Epic Games and will be the first to get Fortnite with 90fps. According to the company, the OnePlus 8 series will be the first to get the new update. The company has also confirmed that OnePlus is an exclusive partner to get support for the fast refresh rate. This is also the first time Fortnite is getting 90fps as the game is capped at 60fps on consoles.

It has taken months for the two companies to bring 90fps to Fortnite on the OnePlus 8. To kick off the launch, OnePlus will be offering users (OnePlus 6 and newer) the ability to download Fortnite via a “One-touch” easy installation of the Epic Games App through the “Game Space” app.

As of now, OnePlus users with the OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro can play Fortnite at a maximum of 60fps, while the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will currently be the only two devices to run Fortnite at 90fps.

“OnePlus and Epic Games have created one of the best Fortnite experiences ever on a smartphone. The OnePlus 8 Series delivers a smooth, high frame rate Fortnite gameplay experience – that even current generation console game systems can’t match. OnePlus creates the best devices for mobile gaming through our industry-leading display, speedy performance, and overall user experience designed with power-users in mind,” said Pete Lau, Founder & CEO, OnePlus.

Speaking to Kyle Kiang, CMO at OnePlus, “This marks a huge milestone for both Epic and OnePlus and it took around 10 months of development to bring the 90fps experience.” Now considering the phone maker’s close association with PUBG Mobile, Kiang said that this will be a completely different partnership which focuses on a combination of hardware and software partnership. He refused to comment on the future of the partnership however he did mention the fact the two companies are working together to give a push to Fortnite among the Indian audience and we should stay tuned for more.

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