Fortnite May be Playable on iOS Again Via Nvidia's GeForce Now Streaming Service



Nvidia GeForce Now is said to run on Apple devices via Safari, rather than a standalone app due to Apple's restrictions on game services.

Apple banned Fortnite from its platforms in August following a public spat between the two companies over Apple's 30 percent commission for in-app purchases. Now, it seems that the famous battle royale game from Epic may be playable on iPhones and iPads later this year, but not the way users were used to. According to a report from BBC, Fortnite will be available to play via Nvidia's cloud gaming service GeForce Now when its made available for iOS and iPadOS. While Nvidia hasn't been announced iOS compatibility yet, BBC says it is expected to be announced before the holidays.

GeForce Now is said to run on Apple devices via its web browser Safari, rather than a standalone app due to Apple's restrictions on game services that make it onerous to support them via Apple's App Store. Nvidia's GeForce Now allows users to stream their games library on laptops, mobile phones, and other devices that might not otherwise be able to run them. The service currently costs $5 per month under a 'founders' plan. Epic Games and Nvidia have worked around Apple restrictions, after the Cupertino-based giant announced that developers can reach all iPhone and iPad users via Safari and other web browsers after a spat with Microsoft over refusal to support its xCloud streaming service.

This means that Fortnite will be available for those who set up Nvidia's GeForce Now on their iPhone or iPad. Streaming Fortnite on Nvidia's GeForce Now platform will make the game look better due to higher-fidelity graphics, but there's no guarantee if it will run as responsively as a native Fortnite game does, since it will be streamed on a browser.

Apple had banned Fortnite from its App Store in August, after Epic Games secretly added an in-app purchase option that offered lower prices but did not give Apple its 30 percent commission. The two companies have been in a legal battle since, with Epic claiming that Apple maintains a monopoly over its App Store and payments system.

Nvidia's GeForce Now was launched in February this year and can currently stream games on Windows PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Android, and Nvidia's Shield streaming box. The Nvidia GeForce Now aims to compete with the likes of Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia, and Amazon's Luna.

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