Forza Street is a Free Racing Game for PC and Mobile, but Fans are Disappointed

Forza Street is a Free Racing Game for PC and Mobile, but Fans are Disappointed

The new Forza spin-off works on Windows 10 PCs, and according to the announcement, will also be coming to Android and iOS soon.

Microsoft has announced a new edition of its popular racing game, dubbed Forza Street. The game, which is available for all Windows 10 PCs and laptops now, is free to download for everyone, and going by reports, will also be launching on Android and iOS platforms soon. Having been an Xbox-exclusive title, this is the first time that Forza has been opened up beyond Microsoft’s own platforms, showing intent on the company’s end as it continues its objective of growing the suite of cross-platform services that it offers, as well as opening up its own ecosystem.

The launch trailer by Forza Street shows a lot of night-time racing through city streets, which should not be surprising since the name itself denotes that. The cars appear to be a mix of classics and modern ones, with the likes of BMW M5 and Toyota Supra, along with the usual mix of old-school AMGs, Porsches and Lamborghinis. There also appears to be a drag race mode, along with a car garage, customisability, the usual ability to upgrade all stock parts, and even a multiplayer mode. The graphics, however, look somewhat underwhelming, at least from the trailer.

Fans of Forza across the globe have begun voicing their opinions, stating that a bigger letdown than the graphics is the gameplay itself. Players who have already tried the game so far have primarily complained about the lacklustre gameplay mechanics and the presence of microtransactions within the game. While Forza Street was always going to be very different from the hyper-realism and dynamic weather of Forza Horizon 4, it remains to be seen if Microsoft manages to tick its checkboxes with a free-to-play, popular racing title on PC, Android and iOS, or whether the move tends to backfire.

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