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From 'Cobalt' to 'XCOM 2': Upcoming video games with their release dates

From 'Cobalt' to 'XCOM 2': Upcoming video games with their release dates

Here's a list of video games releasing this week.

Side-scrolling action game "Cobalt" finally arrives, a second project from current "Minecraft" designer Jens Bergensten, "XCOM 2" takes an unexpected turn while promising to plunge its players into a world of strategic alien swatting, and "American Truck Simulator."


For: Xbox 360, WinPC, XBO
Available: February 2

A side-scrolling action game featuring slow-motion, rolling, an eight-hour campaign for 1-2 players, online multiplayer for up to 8 participants, and a slew of modes including original concepts as well as old online multiplayer favorites. Published by Mojang ("Minecraft") and co-developed by "Minecraft" staffer Jens Bergensten with his Oxeye studio.

American Truck Simulator

For: Linux, Mac, Windows PC
Available: February 3, 2016

Building on the experience gained from 2013's cult hit "Euro Truck Simulator 2," this free-form long-hauler provides players with the state of California (and as an unexpected bonus, Nevada) to roam around in. Additional states and truck marques are to arrive via optional expansions -- with plenty of support for community contributions.


For: WinPC, XBO
Available: February 3

Save the world from a Martian army in this blend of 1950s sci-fi aesthetic and tower-defense formula. Command troops and get involved yourself (and with up to three friends online) as a jetpacking heroine, shotgun-toting cowboy, government agent, or US Marine captain.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

For: Mac, PlayStation 4, WinPC, Xbox One
Available: February 4 on Mac and PC, February 5 on PS4 and XBO.

One of Christie's best-known crime classics receives the video game treatment for the second time (the first being 2009's Nintendo DS title), players assume the role of Belgian detective Hercule Poirot in following the trail of travelling salesman and murder suspect Alexander Bonaparte Cust. Includes the original story and an alternative ending.


For: Linux, Mac, WinPC
Available: February 5

Sequel to 2012's acclaimed "XCOM," but here the once proud earth defense force is now struggling under alien occupation -- it's up to the player to mount a resistance movement. Recruits have more sophisticated training options, maps contain random elements to keep things fresh.

first published:January 31, 2016, 07:14 IST