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Google Calendar Gets a New Maps Add-On in Side Panel

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Calendar gets a new Google Maps add-on.

Google Calendar on web now features an add-on for Google Maps. The icon for Google Maps is placed below the Google Keep and Google Tasks icons on the right side of the screen. Tapping the map icon loads a map view, with the option of search, and two ‘Recent’ and ‘Saved’ tabs on the bottom. Clicking search will open a search bar, and will also give three suggestions – ‘Groceries,’ ‘Takeout’ and ‘Hotels’. The search on this Google Maps add-ons is similar to the search on the Google Maps app.

Searching for a location on the Google Maps add-on is the same as searching on Google Maps. The map shows the location you have searched for, with an image carousel at the bottom, which shows the images of the location a user has searched for. Further, Calendar gives user an option of saving the location, sending it to the phone, or opening it in Google Maps. There is also an option of copying the link, and users can pull the Google listing right within Google Calendar add-on if they have searched for a commercial entity.

The add-on works quite smoothly. We verified all the features independently and while it works seamlessly, letting users do everything they need to be done, it only appears to be available for personal Google Accounts for now, and not Google Workspace.

Google had recently rebranded its G Suite family of online productivity and collaboration tools like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Meet to Google Workspace. As part of the rebranding, Google’s apps like Calendar, Google Meet, Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs all got new logos.

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