Google Camera App Update Adds Astrophotography Mode to Older Pixel Phones

File image of the Google Pixel 4. (Representative image)

File image of the Google Pixel 4. (Representative image)

Google Pixel's Astrophotography mode stacks several short exposure shots to give brighter and more detailed pictures of the night sky.

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One of the most talked-about features of the Google Pixel 4 line-up was the Astrophotography mode on the Google Camera app that enabled users to take brighter and clearer pictures of the night sky. Now, Google has begun rolling out a new update for the Google Camera app that adds the Astrophotography feature to older Pixel devices as well. The 7.2 version of the official Google Camera app is now ready for download on the Play Store. It also brings a new camera user interface (UI) along with new features to legacy Pixel phones, with the most significant being the updated Night mode.

Reportedly, though the latest version of the Google Camera app is available for all older Pixel smartphones, the new additions vary from phone to phone. As far as astrophotography mode is concerned, it is reported to be available only on Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL. To recall, the Astrophotography mode had unofficially made its way to older Pixel phones last month through a community-supported port of Google’s camera app. Various media reports said that even the first-generation Pixel phones could enjoy the Astrophotography feature through this route, but the output may not be as good.

The Astrophotography option can be accessed from the Night Sight mode. Once the camera detects it is in a stable position, it begins taking several short exposure shots which are then stacked and transformed into a much better exposed and more detailed shot.

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