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Google Chrome Leads October PC Browser Market, Microsoft Edge Sees Rise in Userbase

Google Chrome.

Google Chrome.

According to NetShareMarket, also dominates the mobile browser market with 68.23 percent share in October. Apple's Safari follows second with a market share of 17.31 percent.

Google Chrome continues to dominate the PC browser segment with a market share of 69.25 percent in October. According to the data provided by research firm, NetShareMarket, Microsoft Edge that holds the second spot and is slowly improving its userbase with 10.22 percent share (up from 8.84 percent in September) during the same period. The third, fourth, fifth positions are held by Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, respectively.

The latest projections by NetShareMarket further shows an increase Internet Explorer share as well from 3.88 percent in September to 5.57 percent in October. On the other hand, Apple’s Safari browser share fell from 3.57 percent to 3.40 percent during the same period. The growth in Microsoft Edge’s share last month stems from the company’s latest efforts to fully kill its antiquated Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browser in a bid to push its latest Chromium-based application. Microsoft had recently announced that as many 1,156 websites websites would not open on the IE11 starting this month, whereas it would redirect users to Edge. Additionally, Microsoft had earlier stated that the Microsoft Teams web app would also stop supporting Internet Explorer as early as November 30, and several features are already being disabled with the old browser.

Coming to the mobile browser market, Google Chrome also leads the chart with a share of 68.23 percent in October - up from 65.36 percent in September, NetShareMarket shows. Safari’s share dropped considerably from 25.23 percent to 17.31 percent, though still holding the second spot. The list follows Samsung Browser (7.01 percent), Opera (2.04 percent), and QQ browser (0.78 percent) which is currently banned in India.

Meanwhile, Google Chrome recently announced that the browser is adding new safety features for its users. With Chrome 86, Google is cracking down on abusive notifications by implementing measures that would explicitly discourage users from allowing notifications from websites that have a history of posting abusive content. Similarly, Microsoft will roll out the Microsoft Edge Stable version 87 this month. The upcoming Edge version is said to include an improved download section along with other PDF reader upgrades.

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