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Google Chrome v86 Will Block Abusive Notifications Automatically

Google Chrome.

Google Chrome.

Google will use its Safe Browsing technology to evaluate malicious behaviour.

Google is cracking down on malicious notifications on its Chrome web browser. With the latest version of Google Chrome (v86), the internet giant has added a new feature aimed at blocking notifications from websites that try to use them for misleading and malicious practices. The feature comes with Google Chrome v86 and joins Google’s recent efforts to easily manage notifications and provide a safer browsing experience.

The v86 build for Google Chrome mainly focuses on notification content. Using Google’s automated web crawling services, the new feature will detect websites that had a record of sending abusive and malicious content through Google Chrome notifications. Google said that some of these websites use this trick to inject malware or show system messages-like interface to obtain a user’s login credentials. Google said that the notifications that are sent to the automated Chrome instances will be evaluated using the company’s Safe Browsing technology and will be flagged for enforcement if the issue is unresolved. Further, if a user has already allowed notifications from a website that Google has marked as sending abusive notifications, the browser will revert the permissions to continue blocking those notifications.

For this notification feature, Google will also notify the owner of the website if it has been labelled for notification abuse. Site owners will have at least 30 days of grace period to address the problem.

It is important to note that this feature does not change the UI and the look of the feature. The Google Chrome notifications will look exactly how they look currently, with the major difference being that Chrome will now start blocking notification permission requests when it detects a pattern of sending abusive notifications from a website.

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first published:October 22, 2020, 15:17 IST