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    Google Drive May Soon Allow Users to Download and Open Encrypted Files, APK Teardown Hints

    Google Drive

    Google Drive

    The encryption feature was found in an APK teardown of the Google Drive Android app version 2.20.441.06.40.

    Google will soon allow Drive users to download an open encrypted filed, according to a recent find in the Google Drive Android app version 2.20.441.06.40. An APK teardown of the Google Drive Android app v2.20.441.06.40 by XDA Developers has found strings of code in Google Drive's Android app that hint at an upcoming feature that allows users to open encrypted files. The code strings, however, do not give any information apart from the availability of the new feature.

    According to the XDA Developers report, the code strings for Google Drive Android app v2.20.441.06.40 show four prompts that hint at the upcoming feature. One of the prompts found within the code says "You'll be able to open encrypted files soon," while another mentions that this will be an upcoming feature. Further, other strings hint at the ability to download and decrypt files directly on Google Drive. Beyond this, the code strings do not indicate if the new feature will allows users to encrypt files directly on the web or on the mobile app. The XDA report, however, cites an Android Developer and reverse engineer as saying that the upcoming feature will let users encrypt documents saved on their devices (offline documents). Changing the encryption settings will delete all copies of the file from a device, screenshots shared by Alessandro Paluzzi hinted.

    Google Drive, one of the most widely used cloud storage platform does not offer any native encryption or decryption feature, although there are add-ons that bring the feature to Google Drive. Even without encryption settings in place, there are other ways Google Drive users can keep their data safe like using a strong password or enabling two-factor authentication.

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