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Google Duo Adds Notes and Doodles to Enhance App Features

Google Duo Adds Notes and Doodles to Enhance App Features

The notes in Duo are encrypted on both iOS and Android, and will disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Google Duo has added a new tab under 'Notes', which allows users to type quick messages or scribble doodles in order to visually communicate messages in between calls. The video calling app, Duo, was launched in 2016. Over the last couple of months, Google Duo has received multiple new features, including home calling and call reminders, low light mode for better video quality in the dark, dark theme, and more. Prior to the latest addition of Notes, the most recent in the list was the addition of emoji reactions.

Taking a step forward in continuing the expansion of its services, Google Duo users will be able to spot a new tab within the app, called ‘Notes’. This lets users type out messages in a format similar to the Instagram Stories feature. Within the tab, users can use three different pen types, nine different colours of ink, eight different background colors and six fonts, to scribble and create doodles and notes of their choice.

As reported by Android Police, Google said, “We’re introducing this feature as we got feedback from users that they’re looking for a more visual way to connect with their friends when one of them may be unavailable to get on a video call. They’d like to send a brief one-off note within Duo, whether that be 'hey, let’s talk today!', or 'sending one last good night!'.”

Just like voice and video, Notes within the Duo app will expire after 24 hours. It comes with end-to-end encryption for both iOS and Android. The feature started appearing on the Duo apps from the start of this week, and being a phased rollout procedure, it is expected to roll out for all users by the end of the week. The new feature also adds to the accessibility aspect of the app, and facilitates visual communication beyond the typical video chat.